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Flip MinoHD

flip-minohdFlip are the people who make the Flip video cameras that became popular over the internet in these last 12 months. It started off with the likes of the Flip Video Ultra, then the Flip Mino. We all know that regular definition is just not acceptable any more and Flip have now announced the Flip MinoHD because of this. [Read more…]

Paper Fed 3D Printer

3d-printer-paper-matrix3D Printers are great devices which allow you to print 3D objects from wireframe models on your computer. Unfortunately the current cost of a 3D printer is still quite high and out of the reach of most homes. Also materials to print in 3D cost a tad on the excessive side too. That is until now as this 3D printer prints with paper and glue and can make models for less then a dollar. [Read more…]

USB 3.0 to be Officially Announced

usb-3-0We mentioned USB V3 a while back and what it was capable of. After the first announcement that was made around 14 months ago, the official protocol specification will be announced next Monday. [Read more…]

DLP Pico Projector for iPods

ipod-projectorPortable MP4 players tend to have smallish screens which doesn’t make it easy to watch for any length of time. Now that tiny Pico projectors are starting to see life it’s time to allow you to use a larger screen, anywhere you go. The DLP Pico Projector is built by Texas Instruments and allows a nice bright 60 inch screen to be projected on to any surface. [Read more…]

ClarityLife C900 – Phone for the Oldies

clarityMost mobile phones have a plethora of gadgets and gizmos attached such as GPS, Bluetooth, MP3 capability, geo-tagging with a built in 8 mega pixel camera etc… Some people just want a phone, especially the elderly. The ClarityLife C900 is a phone that has just the basics making it ideal for those who just want something more simple to use. [Read more…]

Navigon 8100T GPS with 3D Landscape

navigon-8100tNavigon are about to launch their flagship GPS unit named the 8100T. The step up in the map quality is just fantastic and the casing with a brushed aluminium bezel also ads to the quality look of this device. [Read more…]

R2-D2 Aquarium

r2d2-aquariumThe ever popular R2-D2 has now been hacked and modified in to being an aquarium. The central compartment is used to hold almost 2 gallons of water for fish to swim around in. [Read more…]

Zink Digital Camera and Printer

zinktomycameraYou don’t see too many Polaroid Instant Camera’s around these days as most people have switched to digital cameras. Yet, some people still want to get pictures printed instantly. Zink have made a digital camera that is also capable of printing small pictures from it’s insides. [Read more…]

Giant Umbrella Speaker

giant-speaker-umbrellaThe Japanese have created a rather different umbrella that keeps you dry when it rains (nothing new there) and pumps out music by acting like a large speaker. [Read more…]

Darth Vader Toaster

darth-vader-toasterEverybody knows who Darth Vader is. Just in case you love him too much then you need to pick up a Darth Vader Toaster. The toaster brands your toast with a picture of Darth Vader… how ace is that. [Read more…]

Datamore Porte Hard Disk Enclosure

datamore-portDatamore Port© (based in Korea) have created a HDD enclosure that looks quite cool. Two versions of the enclosure are available. The first is USB only while the other is both USB and eSATA. [Read more…]

Flat Bulb

flat_bulbLight bulbs often have the problem that they can easily roll away and break if you are not careful. The flat bulb tackles this problem by being flattened out. [Read more…]