Lego Back to the Future Train Time Machine

One of the latest projects to join Lego Cuusoo is the Jules Verne Train that Doc Brown uses on Back to the Future III. Lego Cuusoo is a place where people can upload their own Lego creations and if they get enough votes, Lego decides if it will build the project in to a real kit and put it out for sale.

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Meet Rovio – The Wireless Robot

Have you ever wondered what goes on at home when you’re not around?? Rovio (as the title suggests) is a wireless robot. This means that however you get online, Rovio will be your new friend. So whether you use your iphone, games console or PC, you can literally be anywhere in the world and Rovio can stay at home. But that’s not all…

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20% Off at Firebox – Ends Today

If you want 20% off at Firebox (UK only, not US… sorry folks)… for some latest gadgets then get yourself over to today and enter AWESOME at the checkout to qualify. [Read more…]

Gift Card Puzzle Vault

gift_card_puzzle_vaultNext time you want to give a gift card to someone as a birthday present but feel guilty doing so, you should instead, grab one of these puzzle vaults. The puzzle vault is a contraption that you slide a gift card in to and the only way the receiver can get the gift card out is by rolling a ball bearing around a maze to the end so that the door can be opened. [Read more…]

Study Ball Makes you Work

study-ballFor those of you who have a short attention span, this study ball could be ideal for you. It’s an old ball and chain mixed with modern technology that keeps you attached to it till the timer has got to zero. The ball weighs a hefty 20.95 pounds which isn’t too heavy but still wouldn’t be easy to carry around for long periods of time if you had to crouch a little.

What you do is set the amount of study time that you have to do, attach it to your ankle and watch the clock count down. When it hits zero the shackle opens and you are free to go out. [Read more…]

Sega Storm-G Arcade Attraction

storm_gSega have launched Storm-G which is a Wipeout style game but without the missiles and such. You are put in the ride and navigate down a futuristic bob-sleigh track.

The game is quite simple in that you need to get from start to finish without crashing. When you go around corners the whole ride rotates around an axis which when you go through tunnels you even find yourself upside down at points. Unfortunately only 2 courses are available at the moment which will hopefully be increased at a later date.

I had quite a laugh playing with Storm-G, but you may not spend days playing with it simply due to its lack of courses available (only 2), and also because this game is quite tiresome, after just 3 races (Hard Level) I was exhausted¦

If you want to play the game now then head on over to Joypolis in Odaiba. If you don’t want to go there which we assume most wont then check out the video below of it in action.

Via: Akihabaranews

CarCade machine for your Car

carcadeCarCade is a prototype gaming system that uses a natural landscape as the gaming area. By using a webcam with tracking software the system can track images of the landscape you drive past in a car and use it to create a game from. [Read more…]

Ten Million Dollar Train Set

miniatur-wunderland-10-mil-train-setThis train set pictured is worth about $10M USD and measures 9600 square foot. So… it’s fairly large. The set includes various parts of the world such as Hamburg, the US (with Area 51), Austria and Scandinavia. Each part is built with precision making it look as realistic as possible. [Read more…]

Street Legal Bumper Car Cars

bumper-car-carMost people, if not all of you will remember driving around in a bumper car in your earlier years (if not still today). The problem was that you had to stay with in the boundaries of the bumper car track. Now the bumper car has broken these boundaries and is now named the bumper car car. These bumper cars are [Read more…]

Multi Touch Missile Command

missile-command-multitouchSince the day I first saw the multi touch screen on an iPhone I thought that multi touch was simply amazing. It still is! It just got better though with the introduction of a massive 8′ x 4′ multi touch wall capable of playing Missile Command. [Read more…]

Huge Table Football Game

giant-football-tableTable football is a game I never really got to grips with. Just the thought of having to think about too many things at once just confused me even more. With this latest table football game, I have NO chance. [Read more…]

RC Speed Boat Challenge Track

The RC Speed Boat Challenge is a portable inflatable track built for remote controlled speed boats. The purpose of the track is to allow you and friends to set up a “challenge” track to race your boats against each other. [Read more…]