TRON Flash USB Drives Come in 4GB and 8GB Capacities

TRON: Legacy is launching soon. Along with that launch, expect a bunch of gizmos and gadgets to launch.

The first one up is the TRON USB Flash Drives that come in either a 4GB or 8GB capacity. Each is available in black or white. [Read more…]

Zune Pass Available in the UK

Zune users in the UK will soon be able to purchase a Zune Pass subscription service from that allows users in the UK to stream music from the service.

Price wise, a Zune Pass costs £8.99/month or £26.97 if you pay every three months. No savings are to be had by paying for 3 months up front.

By purchasing a Zune Pass in the UK you are entitled to download an unlimited amount of songs for the length of the subscription as well as have the ability to keep 10 tracks per month permanently. [Read more…]

Deal of the Day: Kingston DataTraveler 16GB USB Flash Drive

Amazon currently have a good deal on for the 16GB DataTraveler from Kingston. Right now there is a 44% saving to be found taking the price down from $44.99 to $25.00.

The USB Flash Drive is USB 2.0 and can transfer data at 5MB/sec for write speeds and 10MB/s for read speeds. The design is capless and as any other USB flash drive is, it’s simple to use. [Read more…]

Zune HD Firmware 4.5 Captured on Video

Yesterday a new 64GB Zune HD was announced and within that announcement a new firmware numbered 4.5 was also mentioned that was going to be bringing several new features to the Zune HD.

“Microsoft also announced a new firmware update that is also in the works that brings more features to the Zune HD. This includes Smart DJ auto-playlists and the ability to steam music from the Zune Marketplace through your TV (if the TV is connected through the A/V dock). Codec support has also been expanded to include more playable formats on the device.”

[Read more…]

Zune HD 64GB Model Coming Soon

If you check out the Zune website today and specifically look at the HD model you’ll see that it now has a 3rd model listed that sees the Zune HD come in three capacities of 16GB, 32GB and the new 64GB.

When clicking on either the 16GB or 32GB links you get taken to a specific product page explaining the details of each of the said models. However, when clicking the 64GB link you get taken to an error message saying the page cannot be found.

We suspect that Microsoft [MSFT] have either let something slip a little earlier by updating the Zune HD page with th 64GB information, or that an announcement is coming today regarding a new higher capacity Zune HD device. [Read more…]

Zeon Polariser Film Boosts LCD Contrast 10X

Zeon have created a new film for polarising plates that will boost the contrast of the LCD image by at least 10 times. The company also have created a similar kind of film for OLED based screens too.

If companies decide to use the film and it does what Zeon claims it does then images will be even more clearer than they are now.

The film is referred to as the phase difference film and is made of Cyclo Olefin Polymer that is compatible with IPS (in-plane-switching) technology. [Read more…]

Folderix Flash Drive files 4GB of Data

The USB flash drives were designed by Art Lebedev and have a capacity of 4GB to store your files, photos and video on to. The flash drives are USB and connect direct to the USB port on your computer.

The USB flash drives are called Folderix and have a read speed of 14 MB/sec along with a write speed of 2.5MB/sec. The folderix drives are available in three colours. [Read more…]

Alien USB Flash Drive

usb_alien_monsterThe Alien USB Flash Drive is a creepy device that sits well on your desk. It was designed to look like an Alien from Alien, Aliens and other Alien movies.

The Alien Flash Drive connect to a USB port on your laptop or desktop computer and once connected it’s inner mouth pops out and the inside of the big mouth lights up by a red LED in a freaky way. [Read more…]

Tasty Magnum Ice-cream USB Flash Drive

Magnum-USB-Flash-DriveFor just $18.50 you can get one of the most tastiest USB flash drives ever created. It is called the Magnum USB Flash Drive and is shaped like a Magnum Ice-cream bar.

The Magnum Flash Drive includes a matching box to store it in and a strap to hang it around your neck. It measures 2 7/8″ in length alone and the strap is 20″ long. [Read more…]

Zune HD Spy Video

ZuneHDOver at the recently held GDGT party a Zune HD was on show. The demonstrator strictly said no pictures could be taken although the person who recorded the video still captured it anyway (they did say pictures, not video).

As can be seen in the video after the jump, the interface runs very smoothly. Windows Phone OS will actually be using a very similar style interface when launched soon. [Read more…]

Mini Cooper 4GB Flash Drive

usb-mini-cooperGreen-House have created a new USB flash drive in the form of a 1959 mini cooper. Two different styles are available which feature rotating wheels and headlights that actually work when the flash drives are plugged in to a USB 2.0 port.

Inside each mini cooper there’s 4GB of storage space. [Read more…]

Cool and Creepy USB Flash Drive Finger

USB-Flash-Drive-FingerThis probably ranks as one of the most weird and odd USB flash drives I have ever seen. It’s designed to look like chopped off finger. The creator describes them as Cool and Creepy.

Each finger is freshly cut and removed from the local morgue (yeah, just a joke… hopefully) and is stuffed with 2GB of memory. The creator tried to make them as realistic as possibly by also including finger prints. [Read more…]