Belkin Conserve Insight Monitors Your Home Electricity Usage

With energy usage going up in the home with the addition of new gadgets, there comes a point where a lot of what we use can be wasted easily by not switching off plugs at the wall or leaving phones charging for too long. Belkin has designed the Conserve Insight with this in mind. Also other Conserve devices in the range have also been launched.

Conserve Insight (F7C005)

* Make better energy decisions: See how much different devices cost to use on a yearly or monthly basis
* Know your environmental impact: Shows power-plant CO2 emissions produced to use your device on a yearly or monthly basis
* Easy to read: 6 ft. cord allows you to read display at eye level or place on a table
* Customizable: Use the preloaded U.S. average electricity rate or enter your own rate off your electric bill;you can also set the CO2 emissions rate for your specific region
* Tracking feature: Tracks your actual device usage over time and projects the cost of operation [Read more…]

Ecotek Energy Wizard Will Save you Money

The Ecotek Energy Wizard is a unique device that you simply plug in to a wall socket in the UK. Once plugged in it monitors the electricity supply around your home and can act to adjust any problems it sees.

The type of problem it looks out for is with AC and the voltage peaks and falls which when out of sync, can cause plugged in appliances to require more electricity.

The problem is apparently common as well with the device saving at least 10% on your energy bill by correcting real time the AC issues that arise. [Read more…]

Hybrid2 Bikes to Power City Buses

hybrid2-bikeThe Hybrid2 bike’s aim is to store electricity that can be put back into the grid to power electric powered buses.

Electricity is generated each time the bike brakes through a regenerative braking system. Unlike other hybrid concept that then use this generated electricity to give themselves a boost, the Hybrid2 stores the generated power in an ultracapacitor. [Read more…]

Hybrid Scooter runs on Anything that Burns!

The creator of the Segway, Dean Kamen, has been working for the last few months on a new project that is some sort of Hybrid Scooter. The scooter makes use of a Stirling Engine and can run on almost anything that will burn. [Read more…]

Cerevellum – Amazing Gadget for your Bike

The good old pedal bike is one of the greenest ways of travelling around. However, some like their cars due to the cool gadgets, sat nav, radio’s and sometimes TV’s. If you cannot give all the luxuries up then you might be able to now with the Cerevellum. The Cerevellum is an information device which attaches to the handlebars of your bike. It can be described as a mini computer which can have 4 modules attached via USB. These modules vary and each is interchangeable as the need changes. For example the Hindsight is a small camera that you mount on the back of your bike. The image is then displayed on-screen allowing you to quickly see what is behind. Another module is the power meter which can track speed, time, distance and keep track of other various statistics of your journey. For those who want a nice workout you could then choose the heart-rate module. This one measures how your heart is doing as you ride along. Of course there is always the GPS module which can be attached to provide directions when you are in unfamiliar territory.



Overall it’s quite a cool bike device which with it’s modular system could easily be expanded. All they need to create now is the air-con mod, the radio mod and the V12 mod.

Product Page Via: ecogadget

4000 Dollar EcoBike

The Valeswood Pearl is a hydrogen fuelled power assisted bike which can take you about 80 miles on one charge at about 15MPH. The bike is foldable allowing for it to be easily stowed away and carried around. Although a great idea, I think the $4K price tag is a little off putting. Maybe when these bikes come in under $1k people might start looking.

Via: GeekieGadgets

MobGAS – Mobile Alerts of your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Green issues are becoming more mentioned in society these days due to the effects on the climate and the waste that we all throw out. MobGAS is an application that will help people become more aware in Europe and the rest of the World. The software makes a connection with daily activities and can make suggestions on how to lower those emissions. When running the software you will find more then 60 appliances which are used daily. What you need to do is then log what you do each day. The mobGAS software then calculates what you could cut out or cut down on and gives you a full report on how much greenhouse damage you are causing.

By bringing this software to a mobile phone it has the potential to reach a HUGE audience. Most people carry around a phone, and having this little reminder running in the background could be a nice way of getting everyone to do their part.

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Recycled PCB Coasters

Old technology often gets thrown away and forgotten about. There must be tons of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) that are just wasted. A company has decided to do their bit and create the PCB coaster which can be used to stand your drinks on. Each PCB coaster measures 9cm x 9cm and is carved out of old wasted circuit boards. They certainly will add a touch of geeky greenness in to any home.

Single units cost £2.75 each while a pack of 4 will cost you £10.99 at Revolve-UK.