Lego Ping Pong Game Built with Impressive Engineering Skills

About a year ago, this impressive Lego set appeared on the Lego Ideas website. It’s a playable version of the old Pong arcade game. It was built by someone who goes by the name of TheBananaman2018.

Inside of the set are 90 gears to control the movement of the ball which bounces back and forth across the playing area. Each player has two controls making the paddle move up and down.

The video embedded below gives a brief overview of the insides of the set and reveals the complex arrangement of gears to get it working. It works with just a single Lego electric motor.

At the moment, the set has 1,234 supporters and due to reaching the required milestones it has been awarded extra days for voting leaving 239 days at the moment.

The next milestone is 5,000 supporters, and then after that, on to 10,000 supporters, at which point it will enter an expert review where it will be decided if this set will be made available on the shelves. A previous example of a successful idea is the Playable Lego Piano.

Via: Technabob