Paper Fed 3D Printer

3d-printer-paper-matrix3D Printers are great devices which allow you to print 3D objects from wireframe models on your computer. Unfortunately the current cost of a 3D printer is still quite high and out of the reach of most homes. Also materials to print in 3D cost a tad on the excessive side too. That is until now as this 3D printer prints with paper and glue and can make models for less then a dollar.

3d-printer-paper-matrixThe 3D Printer is built by Mcor Technologies and is a nice way to print what you want. The picture above shows a house printed with glue and paper. The image to the side also shows a couple of other objects that were printed with this system.

The Mcor Technologies device takes a plain sheet of A4 paper, cuts out the necessary parts and then gets the next sheet, cuts again and glues it to the first. After several hundred layers a full 3D model has been printed.

Although 3D printing has a long way to go, small devices like these which print for cheaper still allow this young technology in to the home.

Via: Walyou


  1. Chris at LG says

    I remember reading somewhere that 3D printers are now the same cost as laser printers were 20 years ago… so we’re not that far off them becoming a familiar site in my view. The potential for some really great design is not too far away.

  2. That’s interesting Chris. When looking at it from that perspective then I can see prices dramatically dropping probably even quicker then laser printers did.

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