Have Sony Given up on OLED TV’s?

A few weeks ago at Gadget Show Live I had the chance to check out Sony’s XEL-1 OLED TV. The TV measures 11″ diagonal and is just 3mm thick. The TV has been around a while now and unfortunately it will be Sony’s last OLED TV that they work on. A Sony spokesman admitted ‘We really made the XEL-1 just to prove that we could make it. Sony believe that OLED technology is more suited to mobile type devices.

Research/predictions done recently suggest that the big players in the OLED field in the future will be Panasonic, LG, Toshiba and Samsung with no mention of Sony. The OLED TV industry in just 6 years time is expected to be worth $5.5 billion so it seems odd that Sony have pulled the plug so to speak. (Hopefully we get official word soon on this matter as it’s unlike Sony to pull out of something like this).

OLED TV’s are fantastic devices as they have an extremely good contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, reduced power consumption and are extremely thin. The current hurdle at the moment is cost with the XEL-1 costing up near $2500 for an 11″ screen. But, technology does get cheaper as advancements are made and it’s only a matter of time when we stick an ultra thin telly to our wall. [Read more…]

Exposure Lights – 960 Lumen Spot Lights

Exposure Lights are bright and rugged lights that are handy for attaching to bikes. They are light weight, weather proof and extremely bright. [Read more…]

Digiskin Personalised Gadgets

Digiskin were an interesting company exhibiting at the Gadget Show Live over the weekend. What Digiskin do is take any image you provide them and customise your mobile phone or any other gadgets you have with that image. [Read more…]

sWaP Watch

swap-watchsWaP (Smart Watch and Phone) had their watch on display at Gadget Show Live and we had the chance to have a quick look at it. [Read more…]

Garmin nuvifone M20

As well has having the nuvifone G60 on display, Garmin had the new nuvifone M20 on display which differs from the G60 in a few ways. [Read more…]

Pacemaker Portable DJ

Pacemaker is a portable device which allows you to DJ anywhere. The device has a number of mixing functions and manages to allow you up to 120GB of storage to store all of your music on to. [Read more…]

Panasonic Launch UK’s First Blu-Ray Recorders

Panasonic launched 2 new Blu-Ray Disc recorders today at the Birmingham NEC named the DMR-BS850 and the DMR-BS750. As well as 2 new BD recorders a HD Recorder was also launched. Lets take a look at what each can do. [Read more…]

GTrek II GPS Recorder

The GTrek II is a small device which allows you to keep track of where you have been. The small device logs data which can be retrieved at a later date by connecting it up to your PC. [Read more…]

Papershow Interactive Paper

Papershow is a presentation system that uses a unique notebook of paper, a pen and a USB stick to function. The pen and USB stick pair up via Bluetooth which allows you to use the unique papershow paper. You simply scribble on to the pad of paper and what is scribbled on the paper is immediately shown on screen. [Read more…]

Garmin G60 nuvifone

The Garmin G60 nuvifone (spelled n¼vifone) is a device aimed at the regular user who wants location based service (LBS) along with GPS built in to a handset. The G60 is classed as an all-in-one premium phone. [Read more…]

Gadget Show Live 17th – 19th April

Today we had the chance to visit the Gadget Show Live held at the NEC arena in Birmingham. The event is running over 3 days and gives the chance to take a look at the latest technology and gadgets that are about to hit the shops. Amongst all the crowds we came across some cool items ranging from home security to mobile DJ’ing equipment as well as the fare share of large LCD, thin OLED and mobile phones. To see what we had chance to look at check out the Gadget Show Live category which will be updated over the next few days.