Pop-up Outlet Hides Under the Kitchen Countertop

Plug sockets are common place in your average kitchen on this side of the world. The device pictured below is designed to hide the sockets below a kitchen (or other type of surface) so that you can only have them on show when you actually need them.

popup-outlet [Read more…]

Ninja BBQ Set

ninja_bbq_setA different approach to cooking on a BBQ is to use some ninja tools to flip burgers. This Ninja BBQ set has been designed to look a little different in that each has a handle looks like the handle of a ninja sword.

In the pack you get a BBQ fork and spatula. The handles are made of plastic, so don’t let them melt by leaving them on the BBQ.

Other specs show that they are dishwasher friendly and that they measure 16.5″ long. [Read more…]

Self Stirring Pot – The Kurukuru Nabe

Another one for those who prefer to automate some tasks. We already took a look at the robot screen cleaner a few moments ago. Next we have a self-stirring pot that simply stirs your food for you while cooking in the pan.

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Doodle Placemats for Entertaining the Children at the Dinner Table

Doodle Placemats allow you to scribble on them while waiting for your dinner to arrive. They are made from 100% cotton and each pack comes with washable-ink markers allowing children to scribble on them to pass some time.

Each pack contains 4 table mats and a set of pens that are safe to be used with the mats.

Doodle-Placemats [Read more…]

Lego Inspired Build-On Brick Mug

If you fancy a cup of hot chocolate in a rather unique looking mug then check out the Build-On Brick Mug. The mug is compatible with LEGO, Pixel Blocks, Mega Blocks, KRE-O and K’NEX style bricks and allows you to attach the said bricks to the Mug to make it unique every single time you drink from it.

ee3c_build-on_brick_mug [Read more…]

Star Trek Home Computer Revealed

Check out the Star Trek Home Computer. It was designed to use the LCARS interface. The LCARS theme was custom designed and uses the Windows Media Player engine running on Windows XP.

The video embedded below, shows a number of features such as the calendar, shopping list, rain radar, train departure times, library & media player as well as the internet browser. [Read more…]

Cipher Drinking Glass Gadget

The Cipher Drinking glass is a concept gadget that uses a bunch of colours on the side of the glass to represent the sort of drink inside the glass.

The drinking glass concept was designed by Damjan Stankovic and in all honesty, I doubt we will see them soon unfortunately. Anyway, the glasses as mentioned above, show the contents of what is inside the glass such as Orange, Milk or what ever. When empty a bunch of random squares can be seen on the glass as part of the design. [Read more…]

Death Star Wedding Cake

star-wars-death-star-cakeCheck out the Death Star wedding cake taken right out of Star Wars. The cake was found over on Flickr on Ford Cloudy’s photo stream and I believe it’s actually her own wedding cake.

The cake was designed and made by Mike’s Amazing cakes in WA and although ultra geeky, kind of looks cool. [Read more…]

Origami Colander

origami_colander_comboFood needs to be clean when eating it and the normal method of cleaning food is to put it in a colander and run water through it. But, the problem with a colander is that they tend to be large and bulky and awkward to stack in your kitchen. For this reason the Origami Colander has been created. The cool kitchen gadget is capable of folding flat for easy storage and then when needed, you just fold it up to create a bowl to stick all the veggies in.

The Origami Colander is dishwasher safe and come in a hacker black colour. [Read more…]

Digital Video Fridge Magnet

digital-video-fridge-magnetThe sticky note for the fridge door has now had an upgrade. It’s now time for the digital video fridge magnet that allows you to store up to 30 seconds of video in it’s memory for leaving messages for others at home.

To get it to work you just look in to the camera, hit a button and record your message. Messages that could be stored are things like where the dinner is, or letting others know the dog has been taken for a walk etc… [Read more…]

Pac Man Wedding Cake

Pac-Man-Wedding-CakeTake a look at this wedding cake. It’s designed to look like a pac man level and features Pac Man and Ms Pac Man sitting on the top of a level full of power pellets and ghosts. [Read more…]

Commodore C64 Cake

c64_cakeThis retro designed cake is made in the shape of a Commodore C64. For some reason they show it playing a simple game of Pong although we all know there were more colours like that on the screen’s of the C64 games. That aside, it looks quite cool in my opinion.

It was made for a bloke who lives here in the UK called Andy by his wife for his birthday and I have to say it looks amazingly tasty. [Read more…]