The Terrainator Lets you 3D Print Terrain

The Terrainator is a unique site that allows you to select a region to have printed in 3D. It works by zooming in to a map of a terrain, such as the Rocky Mountains pictured below, selecting the area you want printing in 3D and then proceeding to the checkout to have it printed in 3D.

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PoolLiveAid Helps Get the Perfect Shot (Video)

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a device called the PoolLiveAid that detects the angle of the cue and then projects lines on to the table to show where the ball will bounce to. When contact with another ball is detected it will also show where the other ball will end up going.

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Always Know Where Magnetic North is with the North Paw Directional Anklet Kit

The North Paw Directional Anklet is a device that you attach to your ankle. Its only purpose in life is to vibrate when you are facing north.

As the “kit” part of the name suggests, it actually comes in kit form and requires that you do a bit of soldering and general assembly to get it working.

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3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

Although I like many of the product ideas on Kickstarter, there are some that just grab my attention. This time around it’s the 3Doodler. The 3Doodler is a 3D printing pen that lets you scribble drawings in 3D… meaning you can take the pen off the paper and draw in thin air right in front of you.

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Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses

If you are still using an older Amazon Kindle (the one without the front-lit screen), or just a regular book then perhaps you need to get some of these rechargeable LED reading glasses.

The glasses contain a couple of bright LEDs that light up the pages of your book for up to 2.5 hours between charges, and as the name suggests, they are rechargeable as well.

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The Gadget Show Battlefield 3 FPS Gaming Simulator Demonstration

Last night The Gadget Show in the UK revealed a unique simulator that allows users to be fully immersed in the first person shooter game Battlefield 3.

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MacBook Air Gets Colorware Treatment

If you have a MacBook Air and a few hundred dollars to waste, then you can now give your MacBook Air the colorware treatment.

The company is now offering the MacBook Air in any colour combination you wish and allows you to choose what you want. The price? $1850 although it does include a 13 inch MacBook Air (2010 model). [Read more…]

iPod nano Watch Arrives

When Apple [AAPL] announced the iPod nano last week, the music player was seen with a watch filling the small square screen. This of course made a number of people look at comparing this thing to a watch and wearing it around a wrist.

Well, you can now do just that for $17. The strap is 22mm wide and is a Matatac Nylon band that has a section cut out for the clip to attach to. It comes in a number of colours. [Read more…]

Huge Collection of Video Games for Sale – $30,000 BIN

eBay is often full of random auctions. Today we came across an auction with a BIN (Buy it Now) price tag of $30,000. What you get for $30,000 is a lot of video games, consoles, accessories and more. All of the items come from a game store that deals primarily in used console games. The store is shutting down in a few weeks time and all the games need to go. [Read more…]

Racer Demo 0.1 Card Board Race Track

Check out the video below. It demos a wipeout style game made of cardboard where an RC car is driven around a track controlled by a retro arcade machine.

There’s not much to say about the video other than the suggestion you watch it now to see how it was done and why… [Read more…]

70 Gigapixel Budapest Panorama Created

If you were impressed with the 45 Gigapixel Dubai capture then check out the 70 Gigapixel Budapest 360 degree panoramic picture.

The picture it’s self was created using two 25 megapixel Sony A900 cameras using 400mm Minolta lenses along with 1.4X teleconverters. The new 70 gigapixel image is said to now be the largest photograph in the world and the results are quite amazing. [Read more…]

Chipophone 8-Bit Organ

The Chipophone on the outside looks like an old 80’s kind of home organ. Inside though, it’s a whole different story. The organ has been modified to contain a bunch of chips that make it play like an old 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. I guess you could still say it’s an 80’s organ, but in a different sort of 80’s way.

Created by Linus Akesson, the Chipophone has the looks of an old organ, but the brains needed to crank out awesome 8-bit sounds for live chiptune performances. Linus ripped out all of the original tone-generators and wired up keys via a bunch of 74HC165 chips, daisy-chained together to an Atmega88 controller chip. He also wired up the knob potentiometers to the microcontroller’s analog inputs.

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