PlayStation 4 will probably support 4K resolution

Many rumours about the PlayStation 4 are going around in preparation for a launch in the next year or two. The latest rumour comes from a source of BGR that says the PlayStation 4 will support resolutions up to 4K.

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Details of the Xbox 720 “Leaked”

Some “leaked” information about the next gen Xbox were detailed today. Although we say leaked, they are also probably just a little bit made up as well, but either way, I’ll post about them so you have something to think about.

First the downside. We hear that the new Xbox 720 will have tighter DRM controls that will require an almost always-on internet connection so that the Xbox can call back to “authenticate” whatever is being used in the drive.

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Sony PS4 and a New Microsoft Xbox Coming to E3 2012

We’ve certainly seen a fair share of PS4 concepts and after a few years of waiting we will soon get to see the real thing. The same goes for Xbox 720 concepts (not a real name yet). We’ll also get to see the real next gen Xbox as well. Both will be going on show at E3 this year.

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White PlayStation 3 Launches in the UK

From today, a white PlayStation 3 had been made available to buy in the UK. This is the first time an official white PS3 has launched in the country.

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Sony PlayStation 3 Price Dropped by $50

Sony will drop the price of the PlayStation 3 down from $300 to $250 and $350 to $300 for the base and next model up from that. The reason for the price drop is so that Sony can reach out to even more gamers in the coming months. The PlayStation 3 is now 5 years old and perhaps is also making way for a PlayStation 4 in the coming couple of years.

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Sony PSP 2 Codenamed NGP Now Official

Sony has made official the Sony PSP 2. The new device is currently codenamed NGP which means Next Generation Portable. The new portable games machine revolves around five key concepts from what Engadget report…

Revolutionary User Interface, Social Connectivity, Location-based Entertainment, Converging Real and Virtual (augmented) Reality.

The PSP 2 is compatible with downloadable PSP games and is also compatible with the PlayStation Suite. Inside is where things get impressive. [Read more…]

Nintendo 3DS Users in Japan Reportedly Feeling Sick

Reports are coming in about users of the new Nintendo 3DS feeling a little sick after using the new handheld 3D games console for just a few minutes.

The Nintendo 3DS uses a screen technology that can show 3D images without the user having to wear special glasses.

Nintendo recommend that those using the console are over 6 years old and that 3D time be limited. [Read more…]

First Custom Sony PS3 Firmware Released

On Monday we reported that a Sony PS3 hack was accomplished by GeoHot. What George managed to do was get the security keys which are needed to keep the device secure. With the keys being publicly available, it basically allows unverified software to be signed and run on the games console.

What we hear today is that the PS3 custom firmware has now been released. The firmware was created by KaKaRoTo and essentially, seems to show that it is possible to run custom firmware.

This is just the first attempt at custom firmware, and it only contains a minor modification to allow you to install pkg files directly, eventually we’ll get some more options added to it in the future. This is just starting to get interesting!

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PS3 Hacked by GeoHot

George Hotz, AKA GeoHot, has managed to hack the PlayStation 3 and in doing so, has posted the “keys” online for all to see.

What the keys do is allow access to the PS3 so that users can run whatever software they want. When presenting the keys, found at GeoHot, it essentially tells the system that the software running is legit. This in turn, allows the PS3 to be used for more than what it is allowed to do by standard. [Read more…]

1760 PlayStation 3’s Stacked to Make 33rd Biggest Computer

The picture you see here shows 1760 PlayStation 3 consoles networked together to form the 33rd largest computer that currently runs, in the world.

The Blu-ray drives have been ripped out leaving just the main inside boards to work together to give a fairly powerful amount of CPU processing. The system joins up to “168 separate graphical processing units and 84 coordinating servers” and is used by the Air Force in the US. [Read more…]

Sony Ships 4.1 Million PlayStation Move Controllers – To Retailers

Sony released a press release today that mentioned that 4.1 million PlayStation Move controllers had been shipped. What this means is that retailers around the world received 4.1 million controllers, but that doesn’t mean 4.1 million have been sold to end users.

This number was confirmed when Joystiq reached out to Sony about what exactly they mean in their press release. Here was the reply…

A Sony representative explained that the 4.1 million actually represents Move units shipped to stores, adding “While we don’t disclose our exact sell-through number, the key is that our retailers continue to ask for more Move units and are taking every unit we can supply them with based on their sales.” Which, you know, would have been a cool thing to put in that press release, we think.

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Gears of War for Kinect???

Inspite of it’s massive launch earlier this month and selling millions of units world wide, the funky camera is still receiving a lot of stick from not so eager “hardcore” gamers. They have good reason too. Just taking a quick glance at the titles available at the moment, it seems to be the more casual gamer that will benefit the most from Microsoft’s latest tech with games tending to fall into family/party/minigame/rhythm gaming genres. [Read more…]