Datamore Porte Hard Disk Enclosure

datamore-portDatamore Port© (based in Korea) have created a HDD enclosure that looks quite cool. Two versions of the enclosure are available. The first is USB only while the other is both USB and eSATA.

datamore-portThere isn’t much info on the HDD enclosures at the moment, but from what we see in the pictures they both need external power at 12V and appear to have vents to allow for cooling of the drives should they heat up a little too much.

It is also not known yet if the HDD enclosures will make it around this side of the world… so if you like then plan a trip out to Korea to pick one up 🙂 If you are just looking for a usb to sata converter then check here.

Via: TechFresh and Akihabaranews


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