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Lego Furniture with LunaBlocks

lego-furnitureIf you are a fan of Lego then you can now deck out your home with Lego furniture. A company have created LunaBlocks which are a tad larger then your average Lego brick. Measuring 38 x 19cm they are ample size to quickly build a sofa or armchair if needs be. [Read more…]

iCEphone Tri-Folding Phone

icephoneYou probably have heard of mobile phones before that either slide open to reveal a keypad or a QWERTY keyboard. What you might not have seen is a phone that folds three ways. The iCEphone does just that. It is to be released from The Medical Phone Ltd company and will ship in the UK soon. [Read more…]

Handmade Steampunk Raygun Wristband

homemade-steampunk-raygun-wristbandI never really got the whole Steampunk thing which attempts to make modern stuff old fashioned. However, I still think it’s fun to look at though. This latest attempt was created by JunkPunk over on Etsy. It is a Steampunk Raygun Wristband. [Read more…]

Charger Energy Rating

charger-energy-ratingA new star rating system is being introduced for mobile phones which will show you how good the mobile phone charger is for the environment. The system has been developed and is supported by LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson. The system gives a better star rating depending on how much energy it saves when the charger is left plugged in. [Read more…]

Fujitsu Wrap-Around Video View

wraparound-video-systemWhen driving a car there are a number of blind spots that make it impossible to see everything. This Wraparound video system from Fujitsu attempts to fill in the gaps so that you can see everything, all the way around your vehicle. [Read more…]

Custom Built Lego Brick Flash Drive

lego-usb-stickUSB Flash Memory takes from in many shapes from burgers on to Lego bricks. If you don’t want to shell out that bit extra to pay for someone to create you a Lego one then maybe you could just make your own. [Read more…]

Airless Humvee Tires

airless-tireResilient Technologies, the DoD and a School of Engineering from the University of Wisconsin are wanting to make a military grade airless tire. By using a honeycomb design they have managed to create a very strong tire that can survive a hit from a bullet. [Read more…]

Personal Mover – A 4 Wheel Segway Copy?

personal-transporterThis concept device reminds me of a Segway, but with four wheels. It is called a Personal Mover and allows you to travel short distances. Basically, it’s just another lazy way of getting from A to B. [Read more…]

Ocarina Handlebar Instruments

ocarina-barsIn the 80’s when I had a BMX I used to stick a plastic bottle or some kind of stick on to the rear forks so that when the bike was moving it made a loud clattering noise. This concept idea uses that same principle of getting your bike to make noise, but instead uses wind through a tube to create a sound similar to that of a flute or Ocarina. [Read more…]

USB Mini Microscope

usb-mini-microscopeIf you need to capture detailed images of small things, or need help with reading what’s written inside your computer on the motherboard then this little USB Mini Microscope may be of help. It has 40x magnification and to light up the subject, there are 4 built in LED’s. [Read more…]

Universal Photo Timer

photo-timerIf you want to capture amazing photographs with split second precision on the timing then you need to pick up a Universal Photo Timer. This little device allows you to trigger your camera on various events such as noises, light beams and other various sources. [Read more…]

Pocket Foldable Speaker

pocketfoldablespeakerThis Pocket Foldable Speaker is powered by two AAA batteries, or it can use the power from a USB cable (or even an external PSU source). As the name suggests, the speaker is foldable which allows it to be packed away neatly when travelling. [Read more…]