Navigon 8100T GPS with 3D Landscape

navigon-8100tNavigon are about to launch their flagship GPS unit named the 8100T. The step up in the map quality is just fantastic and the casing with a brushed aluminium bezel also ads to the quality look of this device.

navigon-8100t_panoraThe Navigon 8100T has a 4.8 inch widescreen touchscreen. The images it displays are provided by NASA’s geographic data which includes hills and elevations when put in to 3D mode. Inside the device there is bluetooth which allows you to hook it up to your mobile phone to make and take calls. Voice entry is an option too making it (hopefully) simple to set your destination and make a phone call while on the move. The POI database includes Zagat restaurant ratings and also the general petrol station and other various local points of interest you would find on other devices.

The devices comes with a screen mount that features a one-click system. The charging unit is also built in to the base of the device.

Expect the Navigon 8100T to cost below $600.

Product Page Via: CrunchGear

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