The Robot Archer

With robots being created to clean windows, mow lawns and vacuum your carpet we thought we’d show you something a little more interesting.

Meet iCub the robot archer. Scientists at the Italian Institute of Technology have created a cute, childlike robot that can actually learn to shoot a bow an arrow by itself by using a kind of trial and error algorithm. [Read more…]

Windoro the Window Cleaner

In the past we’ve written about robots that mow your lawn or guard your house while you’re away. You’d think by now, in 2010, that some bright sparks could get something to clean your windows without you too…

Well now they have, for the South Korea Pohang Institute of Intelligent Robotics or ‘PIRO’ (as we’ll call them for the remainder of this post) has done just that and have brought us Windoro the window cleaner.

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Meet Rovio – The Wireless Robot

Have you ever wondered what goes on at home when you’re not around?? Rovio (as the title suggests) is a wireless robot. This means that however you get online, Rovio will be your new friend. So whether you use your iphone, games console or PC, you can literally be anywhere in the world and Rovio can stay at home. But that’s not all…

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Robot Plays Pool and Pockets Shots

Check out the PR2 robot that has been hacked to play pool. The “Poolshark” team who are working on the project have been busy for a week and have now managed to get the PR2 to pocket shots on the table. This includes long shots and awkward angle shots too.

To achieve this the team chose the PR2 robot and modified it to be able to hold the cue along with a special grip and bridge.

Cameras mounted on the robot are capable of capturing images which are fed to a computer to detect the edges of the table as well as the location of each ball on the table. By using software the team managed to program the robot and adjust the system so it is capable of playing a game of Pool. [Read more…]

LG RoboKing Robot Vacuum

LG-RoboKingLG have created a new robot vacuum cleaner called the LG RoboKing. The RoboKing is smaller than the previous model measuring just 90mm tall where as before the previous version was 130mm tall. This allows the vacuum to manoeuvre more easily under objects such as book cases and furniture.

As well as being shorter in height the vacuum has also got 13db quieter and now measures 50db when in use. The LG RoboKing has two cameras built in allowing it to more easily navigate around a room. Programming has also been improved it seems as the vacuum also works 30 percent quicker than previous models perhaps by cleaning a room more efficiently rather than randomly like before. [Read more…]

ASUS EeeBot – Educational Android Robot

android-robotASUS have announced that they are working on EeeBot that is an educational robot designed to work with children that uses the Android OS to run. The robot will be designed to be affordable allowing more people to purchase it and will feature a number of functions such as the ability to interact with humans (or HRI – human robot interaction).

Other features will see it being able to visually and vocally interact through voice and visual technologies. The EeeBot will also be capable of positioning it’s self and will have navigation abilities. [Read more…]

Roomba Art

Roomba-ArtRoomba Robot Vacuum cleaners normally have the job of cleaning the carpets of your home and then docking to charge ready for the next scheduled task of cleaning your carpet again. Well, that’s what I thought till I came across this funky flickr group who use long-exposure photography to capture their vacuums randomly roaming around their carpets.

It appears like LED’s are attached to the vacuum cleaners and small piles of dirt thrown on the carpet to create some unique imagery and circles. Check out the pictures below (after the jump). [Read more…]

Remote Controlled Buzz Lightyear

In the past we’ve spoken about remote control cars and rc helicopters but how about remote controlled movie characters??






Well, Buzz Lightyear, as many will know, is the famous character from the Toy Story movie that was originally released back in 1995. Now, 15 years later, you can get hold of your very own (or for your kids of course) Buzz Lightyear remote controlled toy.

The Buzz Lightyear remote controlled toy measures approximately 16″ in height and is fully programmable allowing you to control it’s hands, head, arms and legs. Sensors can be found on Buzz which can detect motion and sound as well as being able to respond to prompt commands found in the users manual.

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Self-Portrait Machine

self-portrait-machineThe Self Portrait Machine is a gadget that forces you to draw yourself. The unit has a camera which captures a picture of yourself and when ready to proceed you put your hand in to some straps, grab a pen and you are then forced to draw a picture of the photo just taken. [Read more…]

Automated Robot Fish to Monitor the Oceans

robotic-fishBritish researchers have created some robotic fish that were designed to jump in to the see around Spain and monitor pollution levels in the waters. The robotic fish measure 1.5 meters in length and are fully automated.

The robot fish mimic how real fish move and will navigate around the oceans. Sensors are attached to the fish that can detect oil spills, mercury and other dangerous materials that could polute the waters. To pass the information back the fish is equipped with a wi-fi connection that keeps in in contact at all times. 5 of these fish will be deployed in Spain’s waters next year over at the port of Gijon. If they succesfully work and don’t break down etc… then they could start being used in various sea locations around the world.

The fish cost £20K each and aim to tackle the problem of stuff being intentionally dumped in to the sea.

Via: EcoGeek

Robotic Arm Kit – It’s the Future

b696_edge_robotic_arm_kitAccording to ThinkGeek, everybody in the future will have their own sophisticated robotic arm to do the dishes, assemble lego and clean up for us. 🙂 This Robotic Arm Kit is the next step towards that future. [Read more…]

Solar Frightened Grasshopper

solar_frightened_grasshopperThis little tiny grasshopper is both robotic and solar powered. Stick it under a bright light or out in the sun and watch it dance! [Read more…]