DocuScan Document and Photo Scanner

The DocuScan is a document and photo scanner that allows you to quickly scan pictures and documents to your computer.

The scanner has a resolution of 300 DPI and also comes with an SD card slot allowing you to scan documents without connecting it up to a computer. On the top is a small 2.4 inch colour screen that lets you know what has been scanned and lets you manage the documents stored on the SD card. [Read more…]

Canon Multi-Function Printers to get Fingerprint Security

Working from a home office, I’m out of touch with things in terms of photocopy machine abuse. Apparently it goes on quite a bit in Japan (and in all offices I suspect) where staff copy their own material for personal use such as a local garage sale, or missing dog. In larger offices the expense adds up which is why Canon have now introduced multi-function printers that require fingerprint authentication. Previous security attempts included key cards or pin numbers which could be easily passed around. By using a fingerprint method an actual user has to be present at the machine to activate it and can then be more easily held to account.

The new system is developed by Hitachi and has been attached to new multi-function printers that can run MEAP (a J2ME development platform) allowing it to integrate more easily in to an office setup. [Read more…]

iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock

ixp3_internet_messaging_clock_ondeskThe iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock is a gadget you can put on your office desk. It features a swinging arm that has red LED’s on it. When waved back and forth fast, it gives the illusion of floating text in the air which is used to display messages.

A port in the back allows you to connect it to a router. The port is a standard RJ45 socket that allows Ethernet to be run direct from the router to the clock and make it internet connected.

Once connected to your router you simply register the device online and messages sent to the service are displayed floating in mid air on the clock. [Read more…]

Radio Controlled Thumb-Sized Lamborghini

thumb_size_lamborghiniThe thumb-sized Lamborghini is the perfect gift idea for a guy who works in an office. The RC Lamborghini measures just 2.75″ in length allowing it to be driven around an office desk.

Costing just $9.99, you’ll save yourself around $299990 vs buying the real thing. The remote control is capable of moving the car forwards, backwards, left and right. [Read more…]

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Custom Built Desk

Han-Solo-Frozen-in-carbonite-deskWhat you see here is a “sci-fi themed desk” which is basically a more legal way of saying it’s a Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite desk. The problem is that none of Tom Spina Designs furniture is officially licensed, and hence a slightly different name.

As can be seen, the desk represents a scene from the Star Wars movie where Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite for various reasons. [Read more…]

Cloud Telecomputers Glass Android OS Phone

pandroidThis phone is an android powered desktop phone. It’s build by Cloud Telecomputers and is named Glass. It features an 8 inch touchscreen that allows you to manage incoming calls.

With the Glass being android based it can pack in a bunch of apps such as visual voicemail, a calendar, SMS as well as email. You are not just restricted to those apps though as there are custom apps appearing especially for this phone. [Read more…]

Levitron Levitates Anything in Your Home – Within Reason

Levitation is one of those mysterious things that is somehow quite cool to see. It’s always fascinating to see floating globes and other various objects that you can buy from your local gadget shop that are designed to levitate. However, you are restricted to just a handful of items and need to buy a new product each time you want to float something new. Levitron aims to get rid of that need by allowing you to levitate any small object from your home. [Read more…]

CableDrop Cable Holders

The CableDrop is a cable holder that sticks to your desk and allows you to trap your USB and other cables securely on the desk preventing them falling off the desk. [Read more…]

Radio Controlled Mini Tank

This cool Tank is build to move around your office desk. It is named the RC Mini Tank and is a small 1:70 scale tank that measures just 8.5 x 5.0 x 4.0 CM in size. [Read more…]

Cubical Door Lock Stickers

cubicle_door_lock_stickersIf you have a regular cubicle style office and have always had that desire to get yourself a door to make you look important then there is now an easier way, thanks to ThinkGeek. The Cubical Door Lock Stickers are designed to give your cubicle that authoritative look by making it just appear that you have a door.

Just stick some Cubicle Door Lock Stickers to your boring cubicle wall, and suddenly it will appear you have a door. Each set includes a few different locks, some peepholes, and even a doorbell button. The first time someone pauses before entering your cubicle to wonder if they should ring your doorbell, you’ll know you have gained a few more power bars. Eventually, your power in the office will grow and grow and you’ll have a real office with a real door – all because of your investment in some Cubicle Door Lock Stickers. You’re welcome.

[Read more…]

Calendar Tape – Roll with it!

This Calendar Tape is ideal for sticking on to anything and acts as your calendar, diary, organiser and planner. [Read more…]

Z Pen – Digital Pen

z-penThe Z Pen is a fairly normal looking pen which can be used to write as normal. Once writing has been completed you can then download data from it and have the writing converted to text with OCR. [Read more…]