iRemoco RC iOS Controlled Helicopter Launching

iRemoco is an RC helicopter that is controlled by an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The kit comes with a radio device that connects to the 30 pin dock connector on your iOS device. When connected, you load up an app and can then be used to fly an RC helicopter around with either two on-screen analogue controls, or by a single control and motion to move the helicopter around a room.

The app also can be used to switch between three different frequencies so that up to three helicopters can be used at the same time.

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Impressive Quadrocopters Juggle Ball In the Air

We’ve mentioned the quadrocopters before and how amazed we are at the speed and agility of them.

Today, we are even more impressed in that we now see a couple of quadrocopters working together to pass a small white ball back and forth through the air. When working alone, the quadrocopter can keep the ball in the air. If someone throws a ball at it, it can pass it back to the thrower. Accuracy doesn’t look to be quite 100%, but it certainly doesn’t look far from it as it might miss maybe 1 in 10 although that number is based on an edited video and not real numbers. [Read more…]

Amazing Picture of Discovery Docking with ISS

The picture here (larger below), shows Discovery about to dock with the ISS. The pciture was taken on February 26 and was surprisingly captured with a whole lot of good timing and a Canon EOS 40D connected up to a hand guided 8.5 inch Newton.

After a very cloudy day the skies cleared to allow a view of this stunning pass of the ISS and Discovery. I could not believe the timing was so fortuitous to show the shuttle closing in on the station. I captured this, what I guess could potentially be, a once in a lifetime image of these two spaceships traveling as separate craft using Canon EOS 40D using eyepiece projection through a hand guided 8.5 inch Newton.

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RC Micro Metal Gyro Copter

ThinkGeek is currently selling the RC Micro Metal Gyro Copter with a 38% discount.

The RC helicopter is different to most others in that it has a light alloy body. Inside you’ll also find some fancy tech that helps make it easier to fly such as an accelerometer that can measure which way the copter is flying and provides instructions to the innards to compensate for problems. [Read more…]

Tour of NYC Skyline With an RC Plane

The video below shows New York City being captured on video by an RC plane. It was captured using a Ritewing Zephyr plane along with a video camera attached and when mixed together, it created some stunning visuals of the city. [Read more…]

LaserMotive Laser Powered Quadrocopter Hovers for 12 Hours

The picture above shows an unmanned quadrocopter built by Ascending Technologies. The quadrocopter was built in partnership with LaserMotive and is powered by Laser.

To get it to work, the underside of the quadrocopter was fitted with photovoltaic panels that provide energy to the machine when lasers are fired at it. By keeping a constant beam on the underside the quadrocopter was able to fly for 12 hours unmanned. [Read more…]

Top Ten Custom RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters are awesome and so with this in mind we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the top ten custom built rc helicopters around. Enjoy and let us know what you think…

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Blue Edge Rotor Blades Silence the Helicopter

Pictured here we have a new rotor blade for a helicopter called the Blue Edge Rotor. It was designed to cut down the noise that a helicopter makes when it’s blades skim through the air and actually quietens the whole thing down several notches.

All that is heard from the new blades is a slight bit of wind rustling which is thanks to the shape of them along with some mechanical flaps that move automatically to cut the regular wind noise a helicopter makes.

A video demonstration of the helicopter noises can be found after the jump. [Read more…]

Flyro Gyro

flyro-gyroThe Flyro Gyro is a toy which can be thrown about 100 feet. Thanks to a gyroscopic stabilizer built on the front the flyro gyro flys very well when you chuck it across a field.

When throwing the flyro you need to flick the wheel. The faster you spin the gyro the further the flyro will fly.

With its gyroscopic stabilizer wheel and unique shape, this wacky triumph of aeronautical design will make your old Frisbee seem about as entertaining as a ball of scrunched up toilet paper.

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The Spy Kite

Spy-KiteThe Spy Kite is a kite that’s equipped with a digital camera allowing you to grab pictures of the ground from 80 feet in the air.

The camera is secured to the underside of the kite and can be pre programmed to capture images at 15, 30, 60 or 90 second intervals. [Read more…]

Worlds Biggest RC Helicopter

Worlds-Biggest-RC-HelicopterThe helicopter you are looking at here is a replica of the Mil Mi-24 GunShip helicopter. According to GizmoWatch it’s the largest RC helicopter in the world.

The real helicopter measures 56’9″ x 70’5 x 21’4″, has a fully armoured cockpit that’s protected by bulletproof glass and has a speed of 208mph with a 99 mile range. Check out the video after the jump. [Read more…]

Silverlit Heli-Mission RC SWAT Truck

RC cars and RC Helicopters are perhaps the best toys around. Thanks to Silverlit you can now play with both together in the form of the Heli-Mission RC SWAT Truck that hides an RC helicopter in the back of it. [Read more…]