USB V3 is Super Quick

usb-v3USB V3 (or USB 3.0 it is more commonly known as) is ridiculously fast. We first came across USB V3 several months ago and were in awe at the potential speeds that could be reached. The top theoretical speed is 4.8Gbit/s which is (in Spaceballs terms) Ludicrous Speed. Note: 4.8Gbps (Giga Bits Per Second) is the equivalent of 600 Megabytes per second.

Although the 4.8Gbit/s hasn’t been achieved yet, I assume because other hardware lacks the ability, the speed that has been achieved is 350MB/s (or 2.8Gbps). So, we are still 2Gbps short of maximum speed, but the test was successful and as it was just a pre production beta test it is only a matter of time before the full 4.8Gbps is reached. Bring it on! It will be interesting to see if full video can be streamed over it.

Via: UberReview

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