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Wicked Lasers – Executive Series Review

executive_series-laserWe recently received a Green Laser Pointer from Wicked Lasers to review. The laser we received was the Executive Series Fusion model which has a power rating of 125mW which makes the beam incredibly bright. Lets take a closer look – but not too close as this pen burns. [Read more…]

Lego Bluetooth Printer

lego_printerLego is the best toy ever invented. It allows you to use your own imagination in pretty much endless amounts of creativity. This latest idea named the Lego Bluetooth Printer does just want it says… it prints. [Read more…]

Capacitor Earrings

capacitor-earringsJewellery is being made of all sorts over at Etsy. This time it’s the humble capacitors turn to be modded in to an earring. [Read more…]

4 in 1 Mini Torch

4-in-1-torchThis little handy torch is available from GizFever and features 3 different types of light source. It has a regular white LED, a UV light to check your notes with and a laser pointer. [Read more…]

Twin Mount Windscreen Holder

twin-mount-windshield-holderDrive down any road or motorway in the UK and you will see many vehicles have a TomTom or other satnav device stuck to their windscreen. Now that we all have a number of little devices to carry around a company has made a Twin Mount Windscreen Holder for you to put TomTom and your mobile phone in to it. [Read more…]

Combo Pocket Toothbrush

pocket-tooth-brush-comboIf you are a regular tooth brusher… which I hope you are… then you need to pick up one of these. It’s a pocket sized toothbrush which squashes in to a pen and allows you to squeeze the toothpaste in there too. [Read more…]

Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt

soundtrack-shirtThe Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt started off as a joke back on April fools day. The joke was launched by ThinkGeek who are known to act around on that day by launching a bunch of fake products. However, the joke T-Shirt triggered such a response that they actually went ahead and made it to sell. [Read more…]

Retro IP Phone

i-phoneThis Retro Internet Phone allows you to use an old fashioned handset mixed with the modern computer to make VoIP calls. [Read more…]

The Pin Clock

pinclockYou will remember the Pin art toy which you pushed your face against the back of it and then the pins would match the contours of your face and represent it in pins on the front. This new gadget clock uses this principle to make the Pin Clock. [Read more…]

16Gb MicroSD Introduced

toshiba_sdhcToshiba have stepped up another level by creating a 16GB micro SDHC memory card. The tiny thumb nail sized card (model number SD-ME0116GA) does not have an official price just yet. [Read more…]

Laptop Security

lenovo_thinkpadHaving your laptop stolen can be a serious pain due to the amounts of personal data that you keep on there, a lot of the time not even backed up (guilty of that here). For me I am more worried about personal details such as bank information and emails being stolen. For these types of reason, Lenovo have created a new security feature which allows you to remotely disable your laptop if stolen. [Read more…]

Blockbuster to Stream Movies

blockbusterIt seems like Blockbuster are going to be streaming movies direct to your TV in the not to distant future. The reason for this is the slowing down of movie rentals recently. To achieve the streaming service a special set-top box will be used which allows you to browse through there catalogue and then click for instant viewing. [Read more…]