DLP Pico Projector for iPods

ipod-projectorPortable MP4 players tend to have smallish screens which doesn’t make it easy to watch for any length of time. Now that tiny Pico projectors are starting to see life it’s time to allow you to use a larger screen, anywhere you go. The DLP Pico Projector is built by Texas Instruments and allows a nice bright 60 inch screen to be projected on to any surface.

The screen on the DLP Pico Projector is nice and bright as it makes use of bright white LED’s. The image displayed has 480 x 320 pixels and the 60 inch diagonal is achieved at a throw distance of 8.5 feet.

A 0.5 watt speaker is built in allowing sound to be reproduced too. The DLP Pico Projector costs $511. The projector will go on sale in Japan at Apple Stores which will include an iPhone / iPod kit too.

Product Page Via: TechEBlog and Engadget

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