CoPilot Olympic Traffic Update Launching Next Week

A few months ago, ALK Technologies, the creators of CoPilot Live Premium, announced that they will be launching an update for CoPilot Live Premium that will help those driving around London at the time of the Olympics know and understand where the games lanes are as well as provide Active Traffic updates to help drivers avoid busy routes.

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TomTom Go Live 1005 World Revealed

TomTom has revealed a new satnav called the Go Live 1005 World. The new device has a 5 inch screen with a resolution of 480×272 pixels. It also has 8GB of internal memory and a couple of hours of battery life per charge.

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TomTom Pro 9150 GPS Launches – Includes Vehicle Tracking

TomTom has launched the TomTom PRO 9150 GPS unit. The new satnav unit includes a 5 inch screen and has been designed for business users. As well as being able to show drivers the best route to travel, the unit also works with WORKsmart and allows real-time communication to an office which in turn, can let management know where its drivers are.

This might seem a bit obtrusive for some, but for a business it allows the company to work more efficiently such as working out which driver is closest to a call out. Rather than having to phone around, the main office can speak direct to a driver who could be minutes away from a call out. [Read more…]

Magellan Roadmate for iPhone Gets Updated

Magellan has update its iPhone satnav software to make it compatible with iOS 4 and above. New features include multitasking as well as live traffic updates.

By adding multitasking to the satnav software, the iPhone is now capable of running navigation in the background and directing you by voice if required. If the phone rings, the app just jumps to the background and continues to navigate you while you speak (hands free of course). [Read more…]

TomTom Go 2045 TM and 2505 TM Announced

TomTom has announced a couple of new satnavs that bring new hardware as well as updated software to the units.

New features in the software include pinch-to-zoom and a swipe to screen function. The route calculation has also been upgraded. The new route planning section of TomTom is now able to calculate routes instantly as described below…

TomTom is committed to providing drivers with a world-class navigation experience and now has created a patented, high-speed algorithm that allows for instant route planning. The GO 2405 TM and GO 2505 TM utilize this innovative technology to conduct continuous routing. By regularly monitoring traffic information, these models will recommend the best current route to drivers.

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TomTom for iPhone gets Geo-Tagging

TomTom has added new features to the latest version of TomTom for iPhone. The new version is 1.5 and it brings a few new features which includes optimisation for the iPhone 4, ie, higher res graphics to make use of the Retina Display.

Thanks to the better optimised graphics, the roads and maps are also sharper.

A new feature called Navigate-To-Photo is also included. If you scan through your photos on the iPhone and see one that you want to navigate to (perhaps a park you went to recently), you can tap the photo and navigate to the geo-tagged location on the photo. This of course, assumes that the photo you are looking at has been geo-tagged. [Read more…]

Sony and TomTom Create New Navigation System

Sony and TomTom have created a new set of satnav systems that combine the expertise of each company to create an all-round “potentially” good navigation and audio system for cars.

The new models are the XNV-770BT and the XNV-660BT. The 770BT model has a 7 inch screen a dnt eh 660BT has a 6.1 inch screen.

The AV side of the system is controlled by Sony and is capable of creating a virtual 5.1 setup. Each unit has a capacitive touchscreen. [Read more…]

TomTom Go Live 1000 Announced

The TomTom Go Live 1000 is almost ready for purchase for those of you in Europe. The satnav unit is being made available sometime this month. As well as launching the 1000 model, TomTom is also releasing the TomTom Go 1005 that has a larger screen measuring 5 inches.

The Go 1000 has a 4.3 inch screen that uses capacitive touch rather than the more clunky resistive touch technology. [Read more…]

Deal of the Day: Garmin nuvi 1300 4.3 inch Satnav

Amazon currently have a good deal on the Garmin nuvi 1300 4.3 inch satnav bringing the price down from $249.99 all the way to $118.

The satnav is a widescreen device that has a WQVGA touchscreen. City Navigator is included that has 48 state maps along with millions of points of interests around cities.

A pedestrian option is also included that allows you to walk various routes. [Read more…]

Deal of the Day: TomTom XL 335TM SatNav – $89.96 Saving

Amazon currently have a good deal going on for the TomTom XL 335TM satnav which knocks the usual price of $219.95 right down to $129.99 giving a savings of $89.96.

The TomTom XL 335TM has a 4.3 inch screen along with lifetime traffic and map updates. Maps pre-installed cover Canada and the US.

The traffic updates allow you to avoid traffic delays whilst on the move. If you plan a route through a traffic slow down the system can be set to let you know a quicker way to travel to your destination. [Read more…]

Deal of the Day: Garmin SatNav with 32% Savings

Amazon has a good deal on the Garmin nuvi 265W satnav that knocks the price of $219.99 right down to $149.99. That gives you a 32% savings from the full price.

The Garmin 265W has a 4.3 inch widescreen display that is touchscreen and has a 480 x 272 pixel resolution. The device comes pre-loaded with City Navigation for North America.

Other features include Bluetooth allowing you to pair up a mobile phone to it to make hands free calls whilst driving around. [Read more…]

Springteq WeGo Heads Up Display Navigation Revealed

Springteq has created a new navigation system called the WeGo HUD Navigator. The device is capable of created a heads up display on the windscreen of a car and provide driving directions to the driver. The HUD readout is presented about 3.3 feet away from the driver.

The advantages of HUDs are obvious. They provide drivers with valuable information without having to take their eyes off the road. The WeGo also allows drivers to operate the device without having to take their hands off the wheel thanks to a RF-based wireless remote control that attaches to the steering wheel.

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