Samsung OLED Laptops Coming Next Year

Samsung-OLED-LaptopsAt IFA, Samsung mentioned that they will be using OLED for their laptop lineup next year when the screens become commercially available. This is expected to be quarter 3 next year.

Other than that comment from Kyu Uhm, the head of worldwide sales and marketing for the computing division, there were no other details mentioned. [Read more…]

Sharp PC-Z1 MID

Sharp-NetWalker-PC-Z1We mentioned the Sharp PC-Z1 a few days ago and now we managed to spot it in the flesh at IFA. The Sharp PC-Z1, also known as the NetWalker is a mobile internet device that has a 5 inch WSVGA LCD screen, an impressive 10 hour battery life, instant ON and 1 14mm pitch full QWERTY keyboard.

The NetWalker runs the Ubuntu Linux operating system that runs fairly light on system resources. Technical spec wise it has 512Mb of RAM and runs an 800MHz Arm Cortex-A8 processor. The device measures 161 x 109 x 20-25mm in dimensions and weighs just 410g. [Read more…]

Sharp AQUOS LED Backlit TV’s

Sharpe-AQUOS-LC-46LE700ESharp had an AQUOS LED Backlit TV on display this year. Sharp’s main aim is ‘High technology, and Super GreenĀ which will be achieved through the use of LED and a mixture of solar at their production plant. Sharpe have over 40 years of experience with LED’s since 1968 and have now created a new plant in Sakai Japan where they will be able to create 13 million HDTV’s a year. As part of their green initiative they also plan to create an 18MWatt solar panel plant on the roof of the Sakai building. Sharps other goal is to make larger and thinner displays.

On to the AQUOS range of TV’s we see that they have created the LC-46LE700E that runs at 46 inches in widescreen format. This TV is backlit by LED and runs at full HD at 1080p with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. [Read more…]

LG Magic Motion Remote Control

LG-Magic-Motion-Remote-DeviceAnother product on show at IFA 2009 was the LG Magic Motion remote control that has a gyro built in and can detect rotation and shaking of the remote control.

By using certain gestures like rotating the remote control to the left or right, the TV menu system can be controlled. Then all that is required is a single click to activate the needed function. [Read more…]

LG Announce the SL9000, SL8000 and LH9000 LED TV’s at IFA

LG-SL9000-42-InchAs well as announcing the LG LU7000 series TV’s, LG also announced 3 other new TV’s named the SL9000, SL8000 and LH9000 LED TV’s at IFA today. Each of the 3 new TV’s offers something new and each of them look fantastic.

The first is the new BORDERLESS SL9000 Edge LED TV. The Edge LED TV has it’s backlight actually around the edges of the screen allowing it to measure just 2.9cm in thickness. The glass on the front of the screen also goes right to the edge sitting flush with the bezel making it a complete smooth panel to hang on the wall. The screen is full HD at 1080p and offers amazing picture quality. [Read more…]

LG LU7000 Series Launched

LU7000-3LG have launched the new LU7000 series range of LCD TV’s. The LG LU7000 comes with a built in DVD player and is on display now over at IFA in Germany. It is being announced right now and as soon as we get some live pics we’ll post them here. For now you’ll just have to make do with the nice shiny press shots.

The TV comes in 2 sizes of 19 inches and 22 inches and has a high gloss black finish. Thanks to the built in DVD player you get the benefit of only needing the 1 power cable and not having to have a separate player installed. The LU7000 series are not aimed at being your main TV but instead, could be placed in a kitchen or bedroom for example. [Read more…]

Panasonic Lumix GF1

Panasonic-Lumix-GF1-1Over at IFA in Berlin the Panasonic Lumix GF1 was on display. The camera is a Micro Four Thirds camera that has a compact body, a built in flash and can shoot HD video at 720p.

The camera ditches the optical viewfinder and due to the GF1’s small profile it makes it the lightest Micro Four Thirds camera available with a built in flash. [Read more…]