Enterus Door Mat

If you want a door mat shaped like an enter key then look no further. The Enterus Door Mat has been designed to look as such and simply shows the enter word with an arrow.

The mat is made of a durable coconut fibre making it last for years of usage.

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The Quiet Hair Dryer

Hair dryers can be annoyingly loud. As the title of the post suggests, this model is different as it is described as being quiet.

According to the technical details of the quiet hairdryer, a regular one has a dB level of 81.8 while the quiet version generates 72.8dB which apparently makes a big difference. It uses 1500 watt electric motor that forces air out of it at 48MPH.

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NanoLight Energy Efficient Lightbulb

Due to the rising costs of electricity, I am always looking for cheaper alternatives to lower the power consumption I use. The NanoLight is one such device that will help with this. I came across the project on Kickstarter today although it was launched almost 2 months ago.

The NanoLight claims to be the worlds most efficient lightbulb. It has been designed with a unique look which serves a purpose of both directing light in all directions as well as acting in place of a heat sink.

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The Tetris Light

Tetris was created back in 1984 over in the Soviet Union. Several years later, it launched on the Nintendo Gameboy, Sinclair Spectrum and a whole bunch of other computers and games consoles.

Moving forward to today, we now have Tetris Lights as pictured below:

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Star Trek Style Doors Powered by Air

If you want the doors from Star Trek in your home then go and check out the tutorial at Instructables.

Someone managed to create some air-powered doors that open at the push of a button and then close shortly after. The doors are split down the middle allowing each half to slide in to the wall. Inside the wall is an air vent that lets air in and out when needed. A controller is to be found next to the door that lets you push the button to open. It also contains another switch that lets you permanently keep the doors open, should you be carrying something through it. [Read more…]

Toshiba To Reveal Glasses-Less 3D TV By End Of Year??

There was a lot of speculation surrounding Nintendo’s new upcoming handheld console, the 3DS, when it was announced last year because of the fact that you won’t need large, unsightly, and expensive 3D glasses to experience 3D images. Equally as many people thought (and some still do) that trying to produce this on a larger scale would undoubtedly bring with it a bucket load of more problems. [Read more…]

Sony’s Google TV To Be Unveiled October 12th

As reported by Cnet, Sony has sent out an invitation for an NYC media event to introduce to the world, the first Internet Television on October 12th.

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Meet Rovio – The Wireless Robot

Have you ever wondered what goes on at home when you’re not around?? Rovio (as the title suggests) is a wireless robot. This means that however you get online, Rovio will be your new friend. So whether you use your iphone, games console or PC, you can literally be anywhere in the world and Rovio can stay at home. But that’s not all…

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Neato Robot Vacuum Gets Reviewed

Engadget managed to get hold of a Neato XV-11 robot vacuum to test to see if it’s any good at cleaning floors. The Neato XV-11 goes up against the Roomba as well as other makes and models of robot vacuums.

The Neato XV-11 is different in how it works when compared to the Roomba. When using the Roomba it has a large bumper across the front that when it bumps in to something, it changes direction. A sensor does detect an object but is there to just slow the Roomba down before hitting the wall. The Neato has a laser scanner installed that can scan the room while vacuuming to know where it can and cannot go. [Read more…]

Google TV Announced

After months of rumours, Google [GOOG] has finally announced Google TV. The new service will either come installed on new TV’s that have the processing power to run it, or be provided on a set-top box for those who already have a TV without it.

The Google TV service was designed because of how complicated TV surfing can be. With programs being on at a specific time on one of hundreds of channels, Google say we often need to change our schedule to fit in with the TV.

Compare that to the internet where everything is on demand on sites such as YouTube. These services allow users to just type in what they want to watch and then watch it.

Google TV is an attempt at merging the two technologies… ie, the on demand web with the regular TV which is a more fun way to watch TV show. [Read more…]

iPhone Controlled Massage Chair

Human Touch has introduced a new massage chair that can be controlled via a Bluetooth connection on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The iPhone can be used to personalise the chair to give the massage you want.

With the bluetooth connection and an application you can access a variety of different programs for the chair.

HT-Connect¢ can be connected via Bluetooth connection on an iPhone or iPod touch to instantly access a wealth of massage programs, expertise and user-friendly applications. Priced at $5999, the HT-Connect¢ will be available this June through leading retailers or at Human Touch.

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iChime Programmable Doorbell

The iChime Programmable Doorbell lets you get rid of the traditional “ding dong” sound and replace it with whatever you want.

The iChime comes supplied with several pre-programmed noises, but also allows you to upload six of your own noises that could come from a CD, MP3 file or even recorded audio in another format.

The programmable doorbell costs $89.99 for the main doorbell and speaker and you can pay another $19.99 if you wish to pick up a second speaker for the system to move the sound to other parts of your home. [Read more…]