Archives for November 2008

Hacked Polaroid Camera – WebCam

polaroid-600-webcamEtsy have a cool Polaroid camera on sale which has been converted in to a working webcam for a PC. The conversion was quite difficult as the camera had to be hacked apart and cut open so the creator could reach the area behind the lens. [Read more…]

Snowball Blaster

snowball-launcherIn the snowy season you need to get one of these snowball blasters if you fancy your chances at a snowball fight. The Snowball Blaster allows you to pack snow in to it’s chambers and fire the snowballs out at high speed. [Read more…]

Printed Flexible OLEDs

oled-rolled-projectA company in Finland is working on a system that will print OLED’s in a roll to roll setup making it a lot cheaper to mass produce them. By printing this way the costs of OLED can be taken from 10’s of cents down to just cents in cost. [Read more…]

Sudoku Watch

sudoku-watchSudoku is a game I am not in to my self although I have played it a couple of times. The idea behind the game is to get unique numbers across the rows and columns of a board. This watch is designed around that game and has a Sudoku board on it’s face. [Read more…]

Bottle Catamaran

bottle-catamaranPlastic bottles serve more then just the one purpose of holding liquid. Over the years they have been modified in to rockets that launch hundreds of feet in the air. Now, they can be used for making a Bottle Catamaran. [Read more…]