LAB22 Adjustable Tech Stands on Kickstarter

LAB22 is a series of stands for the iPad, iPhone, and AirPods Max. The iPad stand is compatible with 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros and the iPad Air 10.9-inch model.

Your iPad attaches magnetically to the stand with the magnets being strong so that you can use the iPad for drawing/typing or as a second screen without the worry of it slipping off. The plate it rests on is fully covered with microfibre so that the contact isn’t metal to metal which could leave scuffs.

The hinge on this iPad is also strong and has 9kgf-cm of torque to hold the iPad in whatever position needed. Briefly, 9kgf-cm is related to how much force is needed to move the iPad on its hinge. Too much, and it won’t move. Too little, and it would drop down and never stay put. The stand can fold down at any angle and move back up, and the plate is also rotatable allowing you to switch between portrait and landscape modes easily.

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iPhone 14 Event Coming Soon

If Apple keeps to the schedule of launch events for the iPhone over the last few years, then we can expect the iPhone 14 to be announced, and likely be launched sometime in September. The predicted date is currently September 7 for the announcement, and likely open for pre-orders a few days later.

We can probably expect the usual updates such as better cameras, a faster processor, as well as some cosmetic changes. Listing those changes doesn’t particularly sound too exciting, although for those who keep hold of their iPhones for a few years at a time, a speed bump and better camera is always welcome.
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Walkie-Talkie Smartphone Handset

I only tend to see truck drivers with walkie-talkies these days as I drive past them. With the walkie-talkie smartphone handset, you can join in on that scene too.

The handset plugs in to the headphone port on any smartphone and has a microphone built in to the handset. To talk, you push the button. It has adjustable volume and the ability to pickup and end calls.

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Very Early iPhone Prototype Revealed

THe picture below shows a very early prototype iPhone. The device measures 5 x 7 inches and has exposed circuit boards along with a number of regular ports such as a serial port, ethernet and USB. It was posted by ARS who got their information from an ex Apple employee who worked on the project (but wants to remain anonymous).

The device is said to be a development prototype so that developers could test software on a real device. Of couse, the physical appearance isn’t even close to the iPhone, but it was good enough to run the necessary software to get the company going.

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iPhone Gets a Case Designed Like Lego

Lego has been popular for many years now. We recently wrote about a Lego inspired mug. Today its time to take a look at the Lego inspired iPhone case.

It is called the BrickCase and is available for both the iPhone 4(S) and iPhone 5. It comes just as the case in 5 different colours which includes black, blue, glow in the dark, green and red. It doesn’t come with the phone (of course), or bricks but is compatible with bricks that are likely in each of your homes.

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Any Glove turns any gloves in to Touchscreen Friendly Gloves

Any Glove is a product that turns any gloves in to touchscreen capable gloves. Each bottle contains around 550 drops that can be put on to any type of glove and when soaked in, it allows them to somehow work with capacitive touchscreens.

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Robotic Smartphone and Tablet Screen Cleaner

If using a cloth to wipe your screen is just too far below you, then perhaps this robot screen cleaner is for you. The Auto Mee S is a device that rolls around the screen of your smartphone or tablet and gently cleans the screen for you. One clean takes a few minutes to complete.

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Alternative iPhone Finder

When most people lose an iPhone they would typically fire up the free Find my iPhone app on an iPad or log in to to locate their device on a map. The iPhone Finder is a device that helps you locate a device in close range to you.

The device works with Bluetooth to pair up to an iPhone that is within 25 feet of it. When it detects the phone it wakes an app that can then be used to make sounds and vibrations helping you track your phone down.

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Luxi Incident Light Meter for iPhone is a Cheaper Alternative

Taking picture on a DSLR can be challenging to some as there are a number of settings that need to be taken in to account such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture all of which need to be balanced to get just the right amount of light to the sensor without making the shutter open so long that you get blurry images. Under or over exposed images are also too easy to create if settings are not correct for the environment around you.

A traditional way of working with this challenge is either by experience gained over a number of years, or by using an expensive light meter that can detect the light around you and provide the settings you need.

To lower the cost of light meters, one company is launching a device called Luxi that attaches to the front facing camera on your iPhone. It is compatible with the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 and fits snugly over the camera. You then fire up an app and can find the best settings for the current lighting available.

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Lifeproof Cases for iPhone offer Waterproof Protection

Lifeproof is a protective case for both the iPhone 4 and 4S as well as the iPhone 5. When securely in place, the Lifeproof makes the iPhone water and dust proof to IP-68 standards. It has been designed to military specifications allowing you to drop your phone, immerse it in water and use it in dusty places without effecting the actual smartphone inside.

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Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S III in Europe

After a few months of waiting, Galaxy S III owners are now beginning to see an update available for download OTA in the form of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. SIII owners in Poland are amongst the first to get the latest Android update and it appears that the update will be spreading across Europe shortly.

The new update brings a number of new features to the phone which includes project butter which aims to make the user interface as sleek and smooth as possible when transitioning and responding to touch. Also, Google Now will be added to the device. Google Now is a service that aims to anticipate what the user wants to do and organises information accordingly.

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iPhone 5 teardown reveals device is easier to repair

iFixit has done the traditional tear down of the new iPhone 5. The device has just launched here in the UK within the last couple of hours, but over in Australia it has already been available since yesterday due to time zone differences.

The teardown revealed that to get inside you simply need to unscrew a couple of pentelobe screws and after that, use a suction cup to pull the screen off the front. This is a far better design when compared to the likes of the iPhone 4 and 4S as on those versions you had to remove the back of the device and fight through a bunch of electronics to get to the screen to prise it out. Now a screen replacement is just a matter of unfastening the screws, taking the screen off and putting a new one in place.

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