Samsung Galaxy S PMP Spotted

Samsung look set to launch a Samsung Galaxy S PMP. The new device will be called the YP-MB2 and will be similar in how the iPhone and iPod touch are different in that it will be a Galaxy S without the cell phone functions inside.

As well as lacking cellular connectivity, the YP-MB2 also has a lower resolution camera at 3 megapixels. What it will have is an Android based OS and a 1GHz CPU. The screen will still be 4 inches and be Super AMOLED. For connectivity it will have Wireless and Bluetooth. [Read more…]

Apple iPod nano First Gen Replacements Hitting Japan

Apple [AAPL] has agreed to replace iPod nano’s sold in Japan that have a problem with overheating. The decision comes after a couple of years of debating with the Japanese government.

Prior to this agreement, Apple had a battery replacement program in effect and this was available to any 1st gen iPod nano owner who complained. This new move now goes above that decision and will replace any iPod nano 1st gen on request.

The problem nano players were all built over a 15 or so month period between September 2005 and December 2006. Since then 27 overheating incidents have been reported with 6 of those going up in flames causing minor burns for users. [Read more…]

Sony Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker W252 Walkman Announced

Sony is launching a new limited edition walkman called the Sony W252. The new walkman is themed around the new Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker game that is launching on the PSP and PSP Go.

The W252 walkman has been designed with a camouflage design and has a number of features all relating to the new MGS game as follows…

* Wearable, water resistant MP3 player with unique camouflage finish
* Exclusive limited edition of WALKMAN® W252 MP3 player
* Unique camouflage finish
* Six pre-installed music tracks from METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER soundtrack
* Special in-carton code unlocks original designed characters
* Iconic past WALKMAN® models appear in METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER(KONAMI) game play as collectible items [Read more…]

Micro MP3 Player fits in your Ear

mp3-micro-sportA new MP3 player is now available called the MP3 Micro Sport. It seems to have no controls except for just 1 button and due to the small size of the device, it sits in your ear like a small bluetooth headset.

We are not entirely sure how the single button operation works. Maybe it uses a sequence of button presses to start, skip and control volume etc…

Included with the MP3 Micro Sport player is another headphone that you attach to the main unit and wrap the cable around the back of your neck to provide both ears with sound. [Read more…]

Sony A Series Walkman

Sony-A-Series-WalkmanSony have created the new A series walkman that has a 2.8″ OLED screen with a resolution of 240×400 pixels. Also built in is an FM radio, noise cencelling and TV-out.

The A-Series walkman measures just 7.2mm thin and weighs just 2.2 ounces making it a very sleek looking gadget.

Other features of the Sony A Series includes the standard for codec support, ie, it will play MP3, MP4, WAV and most other stuff that is thrown at it. Also a drag and drop feature is included that transcodes videos dropped on to it from your computer. [Read more…]

Zune HD Teardown

zunehd-teardownWith the recent launch of the Zune HD, Rapid Repair decided to break it apart right after purchasing their new media player.

The process starts off in the usual way of locating the screws in the back of the case. The Zune HD has 4 on the back cover which once removed, reveals the innards. [Read more…]

iPod Nano Carved Cassette Cases

lg-casecSomeone has created some really nice cases for the 4th Gen iPod Nano. It looks like they were custom built and due to the fairly small size of the Nano, the iPod fits in quite well inside.

I guess if you went and got a Dremel you could possibly carve one of these out yourself but I wouldn’t be able to guarantee you’d get it to look as good as the ones pictured here. [Read more…]

iPod Video Around the Corner?

iPod-VideoA rumour is out and about today indicating that iPod’s might be getting embedded video cameras built in. TechCrunch report that a huge order of cheap $10 cameras have been ordered by Apple. Apple are expected to sell 20 million iPhones this year and about 3+ Million iPods/month. If Apple were to include cameras on their range of iPod’s then that 3+ Million per month would give the low end video market a run for it’s money. [Read more…]

Pill MP3 Player

pill-mp3-playerThe Pill MP3 Player measures 2.7 inches long and is 1 inch in diameter. To access the controls of the Pill MP3 the user needs to pull apart the player. To skip tracks the user needs to twist the player either backwards or forwards depending on which way the skip needs to be.

It’s an odd looking MP3 player. Unfortunately there are no details on what it can store, what the battery life is like and how music can be transferred to it. I assume there will be somewhere to connect a USB cable to so you can drag and drop music to internal memory. [Read more…]

ThumbTack Mic for iPod

thumbtack-microphoneThe ThumbTack is a microphone that is designed for the iPod. It is compatible with 4th generation iPod Nano’s and 2nd generation iPod Touch’s. [Read more…]

Apple Confirms 3rd Party Licencing Fee

apple-chipA couple of days ago some news broke which mentioned a chip that was found in the Apple iPod Shuffle headphones. Speculation started appearing that Apple were intending to licence 3rd party accessories for the Shuffle… were they correct? [Read more…]

3rd Gen iPod Shuffle Dissected

ipod-shuffle-3-genApple recently announced the 3rd gen iPod shuffle and literally a day later iFixit managed to get their hands on one and dissect it. [Read more…]