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POV Clock

povclockThe POV (persistence of vision) clock is an amazing looking wall clock which uses a bank of LED’s which rotate around so fast that the image created looks like a solid image. The spinning blade which contains the LED’s can display in red, green and blue making it possible to get full colour images. [Read more…]

MacBook Air Four Finger Gestures

macbook-air-four-finger-gesturesAn old MacBook Air has been hacked and now has a four finger gesture capable touch pad. This is thanks to a guy who used a new MacBook Pro CD and somehow got the software to work on his Air. [Read more…]

Auto Card Manager

acmThe Auto Card Manager is a device that helps you keep your credit cards and other cards in order. It allows you to be totally organised so that you can find exactly the card you need at the flick of a switch. [Read more…]

Samsungs Super Bright Outdoor Display

samsung_outdoor_displaySamsung have created a super bright outdoor LCD digital display. The screen measures 70 inches diagonal and is currently the brightest panel in the world to be mass produced. [Read more…]

Dancing Robotic Hexapod

dancing-robot-hexapodThis Robotic Hexapod is capable of dancing. It was created by students at the Upper Austria University of Applied Science. A competition is held yearly where a bunch of students enter their Hexapods to see which is best. [Read more…]

Wireless Wipes keep your Phone Clean

wirelesswipesWireless Wipes are designed to keep your phone both visually clean and hygienically clean from bugs and various lurgies that creep on to them while being in your pocket or holding them in your hands. [Read more…]

Floppy Book

floppy-bookEtsy is known for it’s weird and wonderful hacked up old computer parts that are made in to every day use objects. The latest computer part to be modified is a regular 3.5″ floppy disk. It has now been converted in to a Floppy Book. [Read more…]

Planet Protector RC Helicopter

planet-protector-rc-helicopterRC Helicopters are great fun to use, especially the indoor ones where you can be lazy and fly it around your living room. Silverlit, a popular maker of RC toys, have now created a twist to your average RC indoor helicopter. The latest in their line up of toys is named Planet Protector. Although you wont really be protecting the planet, you certainly will have fun playing with this one. [Read more…]

LG Swift on Alltel Wireless

lg-swiftThe LG Swift has been introduced today by Alltel Wireless and LG electronics. The phone is a flip phone which has a bunch of multimedia features built in. The LG Swift features 6 Fastap keys that can be found mixed in with the regular numeric keypad. Lets take a look to see if it’s any good. [Read more…]

Ooma Telo – Free US Calls to Ooma Users

oomateloOoma have launched their Telo dedicated phone which comes provided with an Ooma router. What it does is allow you to make unlimited local and long distance calls over the internet. [Read more…]

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

space-invaders-alarm-clockSpace invaders is a classic game that many of you will remember. This clock (the Space Invaders Alarm Clock) allows you to be woken up by an alien invasion each morning. [Read more…]

LMac Touch Concept Idea

lmac-touchThe LMac Touch is a concept idea designed by Mayyan Chan. The idea behind it is to get a fab looking screen which is great to look at, but also great for the environment. The LMac Touch has solar panels embedded on the back of the screen to help compliment the power from the wall socket. [Read more…]