Giant Umbrella Speaker

giant-speaker-umbrellaThe Japanese have created a rather different umbrella that keeps you dry when it rains (nothing new there) and pumps out music by acting like a large speaker.

It is named Oto-Shigure and is made of bamboo and paper. A built in amplifier pushes sound out of four satellite speakers that are mounted around the tips of the umbrella. What that does it creates a big bubble or surround sound experience around the user. The great news is that only the user of the brolly should be able to hear the music which is good as it could get rather frustrating listening to a bunch of different tracks that others are playing.

If enough interest is drummed up then the creators of this musical umbrella (Yusuke Kamiyama and Mai Tanaka) are going to sell it for $100 per unit.

Via: GearCrave


  1. Chris at LG says

    Very beautiful! I really like it – elegant and also quite environmentally friendly to boot.

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