Sega Genesis Mini 2 Coming Soon

The Sega Genesis, or Mega Drive for us lot in the UK, was a console I grew up with in my teen years. I got mine as a Christmas gift I think in 1991. I got the version with Sonic the Hedgehog rather than the one that launched with Altered Beast.

Moving on 30 years, a new retro console is launching called the Genesis Mini 2. It becomes available on October 27 and is available for pre-order now for North America. More details of it can be found here.

Those of us in Europe will also be able to get hold of the Mega Drive Mini 2, although pre-orders are not open for that until September 2.

The Mini 2 is a little different and comes in a more compact design based on the Genesis Model 2. It also comes with the newer 6-button controller rather than the original 3-button controller. Those of you with the controllers from the original Mini launched in 2019 will also welcome that those controllers are compatible with the Mini 2.

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SimCity closed beta launches

The next version of SimCity is getting closer. By that, I mean that EA/Maxis has now got the game to a point where they can open it up to a private beta which anyone can register their interest for.

SimCity follows on 10 years after the launch of SimCity 4 and is aimed to bring even more depth to game play. It is based on a new engine called GlassBox that makes the city even more realistic by the use of agents.

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Angry Birds Hits One Billion Downloads

Rovio has announced a new milestone for the Angry Birds franchise. The series of games has now had a total of 1 billion cumulative downloads since launch in 2009. Half a billion of those downloads have been in the last six months alone.

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SimCity 5 Announced

SimCity 5 has been announced and confirmed by EA and Maxis. The new game is set to launch in 2013 and will be a single and multiplayer game.

The game will run on what is called the GlassBox engine and will bring extreme detail to the game not previously seen. Although the screenshot below is taken from the demo video, there is a footnote towards the end saying “Images not representative of gameplay” so keep that in mind while the renderings blow your mind.

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1.2 Million PlayStation Vita Units Sold

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Vita has now had sales move past the 1.2 million mark since launch. These figures represent worldwide and not just a single country.

Sony reached 1.2 million on February 22 when it went on sale in the US and Europe which means it is likely to be a fair bit higher now. As well as shifting over 1.2 million portable games consoles, Sony has also shifted over 2 million games for the device.

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Angry Birds Space coming March 22

Rovio has announced that Angry Birds Space will be getting a multi-platform worldwide launch on March 22. What that means is that the new version of Angry Birds will be launching on iOS, Android, PC and Mac next month. The event will kick off at 3pm for those of us in the UK.

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Sony PS Vita 3G Now on Vodafone

Sony has now launched the PlayStation Vita in the UK. Vodafone has an exclusive on the 3G version of the Vita here in the UK and now has it available for purchase.

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Sony PS Vita Update Rolls Out Prior to Launch

The PS Vita isn’t on sale until tomorrow (Wednesday) in the US, but already, some users have managed to get their hands on one through various means. Generally, these are competition winners, those who work in the industry or just lucky people who took delivers a little early.

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Retrode 2 Lets you Play SNES and Genesis Games on a PC

The Retrode 2 is a device that lets you connect up your old SNES and Genesis games to a PC and play them. What makes this device great is that it is capable of reading the data from the cartridges and then loading it up in an emulator on the PC. As well as being able to read the games it also has a couple of ports for each console allowing you to connect up 2 SNES and 2 Genesis controllers. The controller information is then passed through the Retrode 2 on to the emulator.

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PS Vita Plays Sega Megadrive/Genesis Games

The Sony PlayStation Vita launched less than a month ago and already, someone has managed to get a Sega Megadrive/Genesis game running on it. Rather than the game being run on an emulator direct, the actual game is running on an emulator within an emulator… meaning that the game is running on the Genesis emulator which runs within the Vita PSP emulator.

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Nintendo 3DS and Wii to get Hulu Plus – 3D Capture as Well for Handheld

Nintendo has made an announcement informing us that Hulu is headed to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii. Support for Hulu on these systems will be added by the end of this year.

Nintendo also mentions that the 3DS will also get an update that will allow it to capture up to 10 minutes of video in 3D.

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Sony PlayStation Vita Release Date is December 17 in Japan

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Vita release date in Japan is December 17. At launch there will be 26 games made available either via a download or available on PS Vita cards according to Eurogamer.

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