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New iPod touch Announced

Apple [AAPL] has announced the next generation iPod touch. The new model brings a number of new features including the retina display and the Apple A4 chip both found in the iPhone 4.

The iPod touch according to Apple, is the number 1 portable games playing system in the world. It has over a 50% market share in both the US and the world which is quite impressive.

New features include the Retina Display that has 4x the pixel density of the previous screen. The pixel density is 326ppi which is more than the eye can distinguish. It is thinner than the previous model and has a 3 axis gyro built in. [Read more…]

New iPod nano Announced

Apple [AAPL] has also announced the new iPod nano today. Th new iPod nano drops the click wheel and adopts a square screen that is multi-touch based and runs a small variant of iOS.

The new iPod nano comes in two capacities of 8GB and 16GB and is being made available in 7 colours.

The iPod nano is capable of playing music for 24 hours. Some unique features allow the screen to be rotated by using two fingers on the multi-touch screen. A clip has been introduced on the back. [Read more…]

iPod shuffle – New Generation Model Announced

Today, Apple [AAPL] launched new iPod devices across the whole range. First up on the list was the iPod shuffle. The iPod shuffle brings back the buttons which lacked on the last version. Other features include voice over as well as it shrinking in size a little.

Genius has also been built in.

The new iPod shuffle is able to play back 15 hours of music on a single charge. It comes in 5 colours and is available to pre-order now over at Apple where it costs $49 for a 2GB model.

Shipping starts next week.

iOS 4.1 Release Date – Week Beginning September 6

Apple [AAPL] announced today that iOS 4.1 is launching next week (second week of September).

iOS 4.1 is for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and newer generation iPod touch devices. The new iOS 4.1 fixes the slowness problems found in the iPhone 3G and brings a number of new features, or enhanced features to the iOS devices. Note that this version is not for the iPad. The iPad will get iOS 4.2 which launches in November. [Read more…]

iOS 4.2 for iPad Release Date – November

Apple [AAPL] announced today that iOS 4.2 would be launching in November this year.

iOS 4.2 is the follow on from iOS 4.1 that is launching today and brings iOS 4 to the iPad.

Steve Jobs confirmed today on stage that iOS 4.2 brings everything to iPad which includes multitasking, wireless printing, folders and AirPlay. [Read more…]

Swype for Symbian Launches

Swype is a keyboard available for Android OS based devices that lets you draw between the characters of words to enter text on a virtual keyboard. By using the Swype system to enter text, it allows for text entry up to about 40 words per minute.

Swype is now landing on Symbian touchscreen devices and has been made compatible with several Nokia S60 5th Edition touchscreen phones which includes the Nokia 5800, Nokia 5230, Nokia X6, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini. [Read more…]

Next Gen Augen Tablet Being Prepped

Augen is working on a next generation tablet ready for launch at CES 2011. Two new models will be built which will come with either a seven inch or a ten inch screen. The screens will be multitouch and capacitive on the larger model while the seven inch model will be resistive touch.

Little information is known about the tablets although price ranges vary from between $200 and $400 depending on which model and storage amounts you choose from. [Read more…]

Panasonic 8GB and 16GB SDHC Cards Announced – 2x Faster

Panasonic has announced a couple of new SDHC memory cards that have an 8GB or 16GB capacity. The new cards follow the UHS-I memory card standard that allows the cards to have data transferred to and from that at a higher speed.

The memory cards will launch in November of this year. [Read more…]

iPod touch 4 Case Leaks

The iPod touch 4 might be announced today at the Apple [AAPL] event that is happening in a couple of hours time.

A new iPod touch 4 case has launched which further strengthens these rumours of an iPod touch 4. This time the case is from a mainstream case maker.

The iPod touch 4 is expected to be very similar to the iPhone 4 in that it is expected that it will have two cameras, perhaps a glass front and back and be capable of making FaceTime calls via email activation. [Read more…]

Fujifilm W3 3D Second-Gen Camera Shipping

Fujifilm has launched a new 3D digital camera called the Fujifulm W3. The W3 is a follow on from the original W1 that launched a while back.

Features on the new Fujifilm W3 include a 3.5 inch glasses free LCD display. A HDMI 1.4 output is also included. To capture images the 3D camera uses two 10 megapixel sensors.

The 3D camera is capable of capturing video at 720p which is a step up from the VGA settings of the last camera. [Read more…]

ViewSonic ViewPad 7 at IFA

IFA 2010 has opened. At IFA, ViewSonic has the ViewPad 7 tablet on show. The ViewPad 7 is one of four possible tablet devices that are expected to launch this year.

The OS running on the ViewPad 7 is Android. The tablet will be called the OlivePad when it launches in India. The screen is described by Engadget as not that good although they say they have seen worse.

It runs a 600Mhz CPU and it works well with Android 2.2. [Read more…]

Sky Sports & Sky Movies Subscription Prices Increase

Sky is increasing the subscription cost of Sky Movies and Sky Sports shortly. Prices will rise £3/month for Sports and £2.50 for Movies.

This increase is happening just after Sky has made Sky Sports News an exclusive channel to their broadcasting network and having removed it from the other platforms such as Freeview.

Some premium content is also moving to Sky Sports News which will prevent those without a Sky subscription from watching it on other services. [Read more…]