ViewSonic ViewPad 7 at IFA

IFA 2010 has opened. At IFA, ViewSonic has the ViewPad 7 tablet on show. The ViewPad 7 is one of four possible tablet devices that are expected to launch this year.

The OS running on the ViewPad 7 is Android. The tablet will be called the OlivePad when it launches in India. The screen is described by Engadget as not that good although they say they have seen worse.

It runs a 600Mhz CPU and it works well with Android 2.2.

It seems a little underwhelming to be honest although we’d like to test it ourselves before passing that judgement. The main problem is that it joins the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab as well as several other 7 inch tablets that are rumoured to launch this year. Right now, it seems there isn’t enough to set it apart from the rest of the crowd.


  1. In Thailand, it is called Wellcom Wepad A800. The tablet was opened up for booking. The tablet will be distributed to the buyer next week. It is a cheaper alternative to Ipad (Ipad 3G is sold in Thailand at 800 USD.) and for people who prefers Android.

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