Sky Sports & Sky Movies Subscription Prices Increase

Sky is increasing the subscription cost of Sky Movies and Sky Sports shortly. Prices will rise £3/month for Sports and £2.50 for Movies.

This increase is happening just after Sky has made Sky Sports News an exclusive channel to their broadcasting network and having removed it from the other platforms such as Freeview.

Some premium content is also moving to Sky Sports News which will prevent those without a Sky subscription from watching it on other services.

Official Press Release

Sky Sports customers face a £3 per month subscription increase from tomorrow, with Sky Sports and Sky Movies customers being hit with a £2.50 increase.

The increased charges mean Sky customers will pay around £240m more for all TV services over the next year alone, based on 9.78m Sky Subscribers in the UK and RoI

Football fans might be interested to know what the extra £240m could buy:
Sky’s extra £240m could enable them to buy Tottenham Hotspur (£241m) or Manchester City (£166m), according to valuations by Forbes.

The same £240m could enable them to buy the world’s most expensive player, Christiano Ronaldo (£80m) THREE times, Kaka (£56m) FOUR times or UK record transfer Robinho (£32m) SEVEN times.

Or you could buy the entire Manchester population (400,000) season tickets to see their favourite Premier League team

Alternatively, BT Vision customers can watch premier league games from about 75p a game based on the next three months fixtures on BT Vision’s Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and ESPN, paying £11.99 a month.

BT Vision combines Freeview channels via the aerial with more than 10,000 hours of on demand content delivered via BT Broadband. Customers can pay-per-view or subscribe to thousands of hours of sport, film, documentaries, drama and kids entertainment, available on demand and all the Freeview channels, all available on the TV. Visit for more information.

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