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Sony Could Launch iTunes Competitor

Sony could be launching a service that would tackle iTunes. The new service could be announced as early today which also coincides with the September 1 Apple [AAPL] event being held in a few hours time which is expected will also reveal a streaming service.

It is expected that the system will revolve around the Sony PlayStation 3 games console and then roll out to Vaio computers and Bravia HDTV’s later on in the year. Also Sony Ericsson mobile phones are expected to get the services if rumours are correct. [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet Makes Appearance at FCC

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has appeared on the FCC website. The Galaxy Tab is a new Android tablet device that is being launched at IFA this week.

The FCC provides a few details of the device such as the model number which is the SHW-M180S with the description listed as being a “1900 GPRS Mini-Tablet with Bluetooth and WLAN,”.

Reports show that it has wireless which connects up to 802.11a/b/g/n networks along with Bluetooth and 1900 GPRS. No mention of CDMA is present though.

This particular version will not be compatible with Verizon [VZ] although that’s not to say a CDMA compatible version won’t be coming as we have already seen some evidence of this model in the last few days.

We’ll keep an eye on things and look out for the launch tomorrow when the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be unveiled at IFA.

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Motorola MILESTONE 2 to Arrive in Europe

Motorola has announced that the DROID 2 will be heading to Europe as the Motorola MILESTONE 2, like the Motorola DEFY, it will also be “enhanced” with MOTOBLUR. Unfortunately.

The MILESTONE 2 will launch with Android 2.2 installed which also allows for Adobe Flash 10.1 to be run in the browser. The CPU on the MILESTONE 2 is 1GHz and the device features the same slide out keyboard as the DROID 2. Essentially, it’s the same phone but branded slightly different for whatever reason.

Features of the Motorola MILESTONE 2 include the 3G mobile hotspot capabilities that allows for up to five wireless devices to connect up and share the 3G connection. [Read more…]

Motorola Defy Rugged Android OS Phone

Motorola has announced the Motorola DEFY. The DEFY is “enhanced with MOTOBLUR” according to the press release although most people believe that MOTOBLUR should be removed. Either way, it’s an Android based smartphone that is also rugged.

Technical specs show it has a 3.7 inch high resolution touchscreen that is WVGA. A 5 megapixel camera is included that also has a flash, auto focus and digital zoom. In regards to the Android operating system, it is Android 2.1. Nothing else is really revealed about the phone in terms of technical specs although a few features are mentioned in the press release below. [Read more…]

Palm WebOS 2.0

Palm looks set to release webOS 2.0 by the end of this year. A number of new features will be included that will enhance the current offerings in every way.

It is expected that WebOS 2.0 will be available on all the current webOS devices although we hope to see some new handsets and perhaps even tablets that will run the next iteration of the software.

Gizmodo has a list of features that will be included in the new update. We’ll just give a brief summary here. [Read more…]

New iPhone 4 Hardware Revision Arriving this Month – Rumor

Some rumours are out and about today that indicate that Apple [AAPL] could be launching a revision to the iPhone 4 hardware which would include a fix to the antenna problems.

Of course we should take this with a pinch of salt for a number of reasons, firstly because Apple says there is no problem and by making a revision to the hardware and secondly, it would open up a whole can of worms with millions of users potentially wanting to return their iPhone 4 for a revised model. [Read more…]

Android Angry Birds Beta Coming this Friday

If you want to have a chance at playing Angry Birds on an Android device then you need to head on over to now as according to an email sent to a Droid Life reader, the company behind the game will be sending out the game in beta form this Friday to all those who are registered for the beta. [Read more…]

Sony Reader eBook Devices Announced

Sony has launched three new Sony Reader devices which bring a number of new features to the table.

The first is the Sony Reader PRS-350 Pocket Edition. This particular model costs $179 and has a 5 inch screen. Next up is the Sony Reader PRS-650 Touch Edition that has a 6 inch screen which has a price tag of $229. Finally the Sony Reader PRS-950 Daily Edition is the 7 inch model that costs $299.

Price wise, they are quite expensive it seems, especially when comparing it to the Nook or Amazon Kindle that recently saw price drops. [Read more…]

New Screen has Pixels Eight Times Smaller than Retina Display

When Apple [AAPL] launched the iPhone 4, it came with the retina display. The retina display had a higher pixel density squashing more pixels in to an inch than any other mobile screen. The results are that individual pixels cannot be distinguished between when holding the phone at about a foot or more from the eye.

The pixel density could be smashed though as researchers have created a screen that has eight times the pixel density of the retina display. The researchers are based at the University of Michigan who created the screen with nanometer-thin sheets of metal that are named nanresonators. [Read more…]

Apple to Live Stream Event Today

Apple [AAPL] is holding an event today at 10am PDT. For the many people who cannot make it, but would like to watch events as they happen, Apple will be broadcasting the event over a Live Stream.

The live stream from what we understand, will only work on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad or a Mac running Safari and OS X 10.6. It “might” work on Windows based computers, but for some reason Apple do mention specifics in their press release. [Read more…]

Orange HD Voice Calling Announced

Orange in the UK has launched HD Voice calling. The service is designed to cut out background noise while calling to provide crystal clear calls.

To make use of the service (which starts today), you need to have a HD voice enabled phone.

HD Voice offers a proven improvement in the sound quality of traditional mobile voice calls. The service eliminates the distance between friends, relatives and colleagues to make callers voices sound like they do when communicating face to face. Reducing the background noise, hisses and crackles of normal mobile calls, HD Voice also excels in noisy environments, so whether you’re at a football match or concert, on a building site or next to heavy traffic – HD Voice gives louder, clearer, sharper mobile calls. This will come as a relief for a third (32%) of Brits who blame background noise including road works or noisy chatty friends as the biggest disturbance in conversations.

[Read more…]