New iPod touch Announced

Apple [AAPL] has announced the next generation iPod touch. The new model brings a number of new features including the retina display and the Apple A4 chip both found in the iPhone 4.

The iPod touch according to Apple, is the number 1 portable games playing system in the world. It has over a 50% market share in both the US and the world which is quite impressive.

New features include the Retina Display that has 4x the pixel density of the previous screen. The pixel density is 326ppi which is more than the eye can distinguish. It is thinner than the previous model and has a 3 axis gyro built in.

The iPod touch has two cameras with one on the front for FaceTime calling to other iPod touch devices or the iPhone 4. The rear camera is capable of capturing video in HD. The iPod touch is capable of 40 hours of music playback on a single charge which makes it quite an impressive bit of kit.

Games Center is landing on the iPod touch. For storage it comes in three capacities with prices as follows..

iPod touch 16GB – $229
iPod touch 32GB – $299
iPod touch 64GB – $399

Just like the previous iPod’s mentioned, the iPod touch will be sold next week, but is available for pre-order now over at the Apple site.


  1. This is a first. If it’s using the same A4 chip, that means this iPod touch is as powerful as the iPhone 4. Usually, the iPod touch following an iPhone is slightly more powerful than the iPhone it was based on.
    I also found a Free iPod Video Converter for Aneesoft.hope for new ipod…….lol!

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