iPod touch 4 Screen Captured

MacRumors recently was sent some images of what the source claims to be the front LCD and bezel of the upcoming iPod touch 4.

The parts look similar in design to the iPhone 4 although the speaker gap is missing. What we do notice is that a small hole is cut out on the top side right in the middle which could indicate that FaceTime for the iPod touch is incoming. This goes in-line with what we heard recently when some screen grabs of FaceTime being configured by email address was spotted which indicated a slightly different method is needed to activate a FaceTime call on the iPod or iPad.

We are expecting that Apple [AAPL] will announced the next gen iPod touch and perhaps it will be ready for a September launch.

Below you will find a couple of images. The first is the same as the above image, but just larger and the second image shows the back of the glass panel.


  1. Jiffy Curls says

    Wow this is a load of crap, the hole is for the light sensor DUH
    just looks like a sleek case is all

  2. Douchewaffle says

    Hole is for the light sensor for auto brightness…

  3. wickedblue says

    the hole in the center is the camara not brigtness

  4. Cheeky Chipmonk says

    Its for a camera people who said its a lightness thing there stupid and china have got cases and they have places for cameras!

  5. i like this gadget but it’s too expensive for indonesia people. I hope someday i will get it.
    Thanks for your info.

  6. Well, now all of you guys look stupid. Cause I has TWO cameras.. Retards.

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