iPod touch 4 Case Leaks

The iPod touch 4 might be announced today at the Apple [AAPL] event that is happening in a couple of hours time.

A new iPod touch 4 case has launched which further strengthens these rumours of an iPod touch 4. This time the case is from a mainstream case maker.

The iPod touch 4 is expected to be very similar to the iPhone 4 in that it is expected that it will have two cameras, perhaps a glass front and back and be capable of making FaceTime calls via email activation.

It isn’t clear if these iPod touch 4 cases are official, or if they have been launched on the off-chance that Apple might release details of the iPod touch 4 today. Either way, it’s something else that further strengthens that the rumours could be true.

We’ll let you know in a couple of hours if indeed, the cases are real and a new iPod is incoming.

Via: CrunchGear


  1. I just bought the itouch 4 today, but no stores have a case for it which really ticks me off, i REALLY want the one on this site hahaha

  2. btw i dont like how the itouch 4 buttons are close to the back, its hard to press on them 🙁 other than that its heeeella good haha, fb me if u wanna know more about it facebook.com/azndevil

  3. but theres good and bad things about the new ipod touch what are the risks in buying it what are the bad features to loook out for

  4. It’s pretty hard to find somewhere selling cases for itouch 4 🙁
    I’m continuous look for.

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