iOS 4.1 Release Date – Week Beginning September 6

Apple [AAPL] announced today that iOS 4.1 is launching next week (second week of September).

iOS 4.1 is for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and newer generation iPod touch devices. The new iOS 4.1 fixes the slowness problems found in the iPhone 3G and brings a number of new features, or enhanced features to the iOS devices. Note that this version is not for the iPad. The iPad will get iOS 4.2 which launches in November.

Other items fixed includes the proximity sensor and Bluetooth.

New features include HDR photography where three images are captured at over, under and normal exposure. Each image is then overlayed to bring out the best in photos. Two images are saved when you capture a photo, the first is the standard picture you normally get and the second is the HDR enhanced image.

The ability to upload HD video over WiFi is also being included in the iOS 4.1 update.

Other new features include the ability to rent TV shows as well as Game Center being activated.

Overall it’s quite a decent update. Although nothing groundbreaking as such, it’s good to see a few enhancements.

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