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New Xbox 360 Dashboard Beta Preview

As of today, those who signed up a little while ago and went trough the registration process for Microsoft’s “Preview Program” will notice, that as they turn on their xbox, they will be greeted with a message to download a new update for Microsoft’s new ‘Kinect ready’ Dashboard. [Read more…]

Nokia N8 Gets Reviewed Briefly

We mentioned earlier today that the Nokia N8 had started shipping. SlashGear managed to get hold of one today and have done a mini video review of the new smartphone.

The review goes through a basic unboxing that shows which cables are available along with the manuals, PSU and a quick overview of the phone. Software is demonstrated on the device and shows a number of features such as the video editing software thats built in, along with various other applications that run on the device. [Read more…]

CKB Flash Drive from Super Talent Designed for Keychains

Super Talent has created the CKB USB flash drive that has been designed to attach to your keychain. The reason for creating it was due to the need to carry keys around with you when you leave your home. If a flash drive is attached to them, you’ll never forget to carry it around with you.

Storage capacities for the CKB starts at 2GB and goes all the way up to 32GB. Dimensions of the flash drive reveal it measures 40mm x 25.9mm x 3.7mm making it quite compact. [Read more…]

Roomba Celestial Navigation System Patent

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner appears to currently employ a random approach to vacuuming the carpet in a house although we have been informed that its more involved that being just random. In that way, we mean that it does cover every part of the floor a certain amount of times to make sure every square inch is clear.

This new patent though looks to make cleaning the floor even more accurate. It uses external celestial beacons that track Roombas movements across the floor and that data looks to then be used to create a map of the floor and a way to vacuum it. We assume that this will also ensure every inch is vacuumed as well as making it quicker to vacuum the floor. [Read more…]

BlackBerry Curve 3G and Pearl 3G Headed to AT&T

The BlackBerry Curve 3G and Pearl 3G will soon become available on the AT&T network in the US.

The announcement came from AT&T who said that each of the smartphones would be made available on its 3G network.

Each of the smartphones has social networking access along with access to the BlackBerry App World. Carrier billing is also integrated with App World that allows customers to purchase apps from the store but be billed by AT&T for the download. [Read more…]

Apple TV Reviewed

The Apple TV was reviewed by PC Mag recently. The new Apple TV allows you to stream media in to your home such as movies and TV shows.

The video review shows the interface and how everything works on the new service. In terms of how it works, it looks like the previous model. The speed of the interface is quick and playback of the demo films is also pretty much instant from what we can see.

Renting a movie also looks quick too in that you preview a video, click on a buy it button, enter your password and it sits for a few moments and then passes a message saying it is ready for download. [Read more…]

Google Chrome OS on iPad Video Demonstration

Yesterday we came across a picture of an Apple iPad running the Google Chrome operating system. Details were a little sparse at that time other than knowing that to get iOS back required a full restore.

Today, Hexxeh has posted a brief video of Chrome OS being used on the iPad. The video is just 26 second in length, but does show a few features of the operating system being worked with. [Read more…]

iOS 4.2 Could Bring Tethering to iPad

It is widely believed that the iPad will never support internet tethering. The reasons for thinking this way is that Steve Jobs said it himself at an event.

However, the latest iOS 4.2 beta build (beta 2) shows things a little differently in that in the Cellular Data menu in the Settings app, there are clearly some options for setting up internet tethering such as an APN, username and password.

This particular iPad (screen shot below) is on the Three network in Europe, so perhaps the tethering options are region specific or perhaps even network specific. [Read more…]

HTC Mondrian Windows Phone 7 Smartphone

Some leaked information has revealed that the HTC Mondrian Windows Phone 7 smartphone will be also landing on a mobile network over in Germany. Up till now, we had only heard of the AT&T version.

Part of the giveaway is that the device has some of the German language on the screen shots. The information isn’t official just yet and there isn’t too much we know about the Mondrian. [Read more…]

T-Mobile G2 Unboxing Video Lands on YouTube

It appears that a T-Mobile G2 has been delivered a little earlier than expected. Someone managed to get their hands on one from somewhere, either through the post or perhaps a store worker.

The lucky person managed to capture some video of the device showing it being unboxed and having a quick test to show us what its about. As we often see with sneaky early videos, the phone is captured by blurry cam which means the quality isn’t good at all although you do get an idea of how it looks and what its about. [Read more…]

1,000,000 Google TV’s By End Of This Year

That’s the number of TV shipments that Digitimes have reported due to the number of Logitech Revue boxes set to be dispatched to North America by the end of the year (approx. 500,000), as well as other Google based TV systems including that of Sony’s. [Read more…]

Sprint Epic 4G Update Lands – Fixes 3G Upload Speeds

The Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint model) has a problem with 3G upload speeds. An OTA update released recently was expected, by users, to fix this although unfortunately, it did not.

Sprint was aware of the problem though and have now managed to fix the problems with upload speeds. The new update is being released as early as today, September 30. [Read more…]