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The Crunch Pad is Dead

crunch-pad-finalOver the last year we have heard a number of details about the Crunch Pad that showed a 12 inch tablet device designed to browse the web only while sitting on the couch.

A couple of weeks ago, TechCrunch were about to launch previews of the Crunch Pad running both Windows 7 and Chrome OS to show how it could be used and how easily it integrated with other operating systems. The other part of the team then pulled out and basically is selling the Crunch Pad under it’s own name. [Read more…]

LG eXpo with Detachable Pico Projector

att_lg_expo_1The LG eXpo has been spotted although no official press release has been launched just yet. The eXpo is a Windows Mobile 6.5 device that has perhaps one of the most unique features of a phone… a detachable Pico Projector courtesy of Texas Instruments.

When attached, the Pico Projector allows items displayed on the screen to be thrown on to a nearby wall. Having the Pico Projector detachable is a good move in my opinion as it will allow the phone to stay a decent size when the projector is not needed.

The phone looks like it will be launching on to AT&T’s network when launched. [Read more…]

Amazon Kindle is the Biggest Selling Item at Amazon

amazon-kindle-2Amazon announced today that the Amazon Kindle is Novembers best selling item at their online store. They are also not just talking about best selling item in the Electronics category either… they mean it was the best selling product across all categories.

Amazon mentioned in a press release that the Kindle was the most gifted and most wished for item along side being the number 1 selling product.

For Amazon this must be fantastic news. There are no actual numbers provided in the press release, but considering it’s the best selling item for November we can assume that a good amount of units were shifted. Sales will have been helped by a number of factors including the Christmas season as well as the launch of the new Kindle that can be shipped and used internationally. [Read more…]

Google Phone “Is a Certainty”

Google-PhoneRecently we mentioned that the Google Phone was being worked on and that perhaps, it is to have an early next year launch. A trusted source mentioned recently to Gizmodo that the Google Phone “is a certainty” along with a bit more information about what we can expect from a phone.

The Google Phone is not another phone that runs Android… it is actually a phone built (perhaps we should say branded) by Google [GOOG] that will apparently run a new “real” version of Android. The version of Android running on this new hardware will be different to what has previously been seen such as 2.0 on the Motorola DROID or the even more recent news of Android 2.1 running on the HTC Hero. [Read more…]

MacMall Cyber Monday Sale

MacMall-Cyber-MondayMacMall are an alternative place where you can pick up some decent deals on Mac products today. The sale started a few days ago and is scheduled to end midnight tonight. Included in the sale are items such as the MacBook Air that has a decent 23% off saving you $349.01 along with savings on MacBook Pro’s, Mac Mini’s, iMac’s along with Software, iPod’s, Mice, Photoframes to name a few. Over 400 products have discounts available. [Read more…]

ThinkGeek Offering Free Shipping Today

holiday09-landing-freeshipThinkGeek are known for offering some cool gadgets. For Cyber Monday deals they are offering free shipping on orders over $25 that are shipped to mainland US. Full details of the offer can be found over on the site here. When ordering from ThinkGeek, just make sure you follow the instructions found on the link above, or just make sure you enter CYBERMONDAY in the discount box to get the discount on shipping.

As well as having the free shipping deal, ThinkGeek also have a sale on that has a bunch of products on sale such as a 23% saving on an RC helicopter, or 13% off remote control multi-coloured LED bulbs. [Read more…]

Asus Eee 1201T with AMD Congo MV40 Processor

ASUS-Eee-1201tASUS are launching a number of 1201 range netbooks with the next being the ASUS Eee 1201T. The ASUS 1201T differs from the 1201N (ION) and 1201HA (GMA) powered netbooks by offering an AMD Congo MV40 processor inside.

The 1201T netbook is described as having good multimedia performance that can handle video in 1080p full HD format. This is mainly thanks to the ATI Radeon HD3200 chipset found inside.

Battery life on the netbook with the 6 cell battery gives around 4 hours of life. [Read more…]

Apple iPhone 3,1 Being Tested?

iphone-3g-2009Recently an iPhone app developer spotted a new iPhone reference number in some analytics software what referred to iPhone 3,1. Currently there are no known phones assigned that reference number. The last Apple [AAPL] phone to launch was the iPhone 3G S that had the reference iPhone2,1. This could potentially mean that Apple are working on a new iPhone that will possibly launch next year.

The Apple iPhone3,1 reference was first spotted just a few months back in the firmware, but this time the information was found available in the wild, so to speak, making it a little more likely that a new phone is on it’s way. [Read more…]

HTC Hero Running Android 2.1 Screen Shots

Android-2-1Some screen shots were spotted showing the HTC Hero running a yet unlaunched Android 2.1 operating system. The phone is running Sense and screen shots of both portrait and landscape modes can be seen running.

Some speculation of why the screen is in landscape mode has been questions. Two possibilities are that Android 2.1 is heading to a new phone with a slide out keyboard. The second option is that accelerometers are just detecting the phone is being held landscape and has rotated the screen accordingly. [Read more…]

Dell Mini 10 Gets Chrome OS

dell-chrome-osDell have managed to create a Google Chrome OS image for booting a Dell Mini 10 from USB in to the new operating system. Before reading on for the details, note that this was just created recently, hasn’t had much testing and is unsupported by Dell.

The new operating system hasn’t been officially launched yet, but already has a number of people going through the source code to create versions that run virtualised on VMWare and other software along with a USB install over at Engadget just last week.

The version from Dell can be downloaded (8GB memory stick needed) and does function with Wi-Fi or wired connections. A couple of problems with this version is that wireless takes from 5 – 10 minutes to actually start working, although it does work. [Read more…]

MSI Wind U230 Launched

MSI-Wind-U230MSI have launched a new notebook computer called the MSI Wind U230. The MSI U230 has a 12.1 inch LCD display that can display 1366 x 768 pixels. Powering the notebook is an AMD Congo MV40 processor. For RAM you have the option of up to 4GB of DDR2.

Storage wise the notebook comes with a selection of 160GB, 250GB and 320GB depending on the model you choose. Connectivity see’s the netbook connect at 802.11b/g/n and an Ethernet port is built in capable of speeds up to 1GBps. Bluetooth 2.0+EDR is included also for quick transfer of files to and from a mobile phone, or for making use of a Bluetooth headset if needed. [Read more…]

LaCie LaCinema 1080p Home Media Centre Server

lacie-lacinema-classic-hd-1080p-home-media-server-with-remoteLaCie have launched the LaCinema Classic HD Media Centre Server that allows full HD playback at 1080p. For sound, the device is capable of Dolby Digital to bring you quite an impressive media centre setup.

The LaCinema device can be connected up to your network, or direct to your PC allowing you to transfer files both ways. The system works with a drag and drop interface. By dropping your media on to the device you can then view it on a HDTV. [Read more…]