LG eXpo with Detachable Pico Projector

att_lg_expo_1The LG eXpo has been spotted although no official press release has been launched just yet. The eXpo is a Windows Mobile 6.5 device that has perhaps one of the most unique features of a phone… a detachable Pico Projector courtesy of Texas Instruments.

When attached, the Pico Projector allows items displayed on the screen to be thrown on to a nearby wall. Having the Pico Projector detachable is a good move in my opinion as it will allow the phone to stay a decent size when the projector is not needed.

The phone looks like it will be launching on to AT&T’s network when launched.

Other features of the LG eXpo include a 5 megapixel camera, microSD card slot and a slide out full QWERTY keyboard. A unique feature spotted in the press images is the addition of what looks to be a biometric finger print scanner, although it could be just a scroll wheel or regular D-pad.

As there have been no official details announced just yet, the phone’s launch date is unknown as well as pricing details. However, the phone is apparently launching next Monday, so expect an official announcement either today or early this week.



Via: SlashGear


  1. Looks nice, hope we get it in the uk

  2. Pico projector technology continues to advance. We’re seeing them everywhere now. As they become smaller and brighter they become more marketable. Battery life and cost are getting better as well.

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