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HTC HD2 Coming to T-Mobile UK November

tmobile-hd2T-Mobile in the UK have uploaded details of the HTC HD2 to their site stating it has a launch date of November. The problem is that they have displayed the wrong phone and also stated that the HD2 will give access to the Android Market to download apps… seems they are getting a little confused there.

But, the release date does look about right and looking at other pages on the T-mob site they do refer to a Windows Phone based device running WM 6.5, so it seems the release date is correct and that someone just mixed up a few of the details. [Read more…]

Toshiba’s Fuel Cell now Available

toshiba-fuel-cellAfter hearing about fuel cell’s being the future for the last few years we actually see that this might just be the case as Toshiba have launched their fuel cell over in Japan. Fuel cells allow instant power by topping up the battery with concentrated methanol. They are ideal for items such as laptops where you could simply top them up with fuel and work away without the need to recharge or plug in.

The new Toshiba fuel cell called the Toshiba Dynario acts as a battery charger with 50mL being capable of charging your mobile phone or other USB connected devices a couple of times before needing to be refilled. If you travel a lot then this type of charger could be handy. [Read more…]

Sony Ericsson Rachael UI Video Released

kanye-se-rachel-uiA video of the Sony Ericsson Rachael UI was uploaded to Youtube recently showing off the new mediascape menu system for organising music, video and images. It appears that Sony Ericsson are working on their own Android media interface as the current Android one is a tad boring in my opinion.

It is currently believed that Rachael is the new Sony Ericsson X10 that will probably be announced on the 3rd November in just a few days time. Hopefully when the phone gets officially announced we can get a full look at what SE have done with Android and how much of it has been customised. [Read more…]

Motorola MILESTONE/DROID Headed to Germany

motorola-milestoneMotorola are to send their DROID over to Germany and Italy to be launched on the O2 network (in Germany) as the MILESTONE.

The information was found from a photo of a business guide that provided the prices of the new phone saying it would cost $594.93 before tax and subsidies. The version launched in Germany will be a GSM version and will be launched November 9. [Read more…]

Orange Reveal iPhone Pricing in the UK

orange_uk_iphone_3gsWe recently revealed that Orange were to start selling the Apple [AAPL] iPhone on November 10 that would see O2’s exclusivity end on the high priced device. Up until now we had no idea what Orange would charge with some suggesting pricing would be kept about the same but with extra’s thrown in like better plans, cases and Bluetooth headsets. Official pricing has now been revealed that will see the iPhone 3GS being available for free on a 24 month contract at £45/month. Alternatively if you opt for an iPhone 3G 8GB model then you can have it for free at £30/month for 24 months.

As well as offering iPhone on contract there will be pay as you go options too seeing the phone sell for £333 if you purchase a £50 top-up at the same time (this is for the iPhone 3G model). When purchasing a PAYG iPhone you also get 250MB of data free each month. [Read more…]