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Motorola MILESTONE Ready for Pre-Order in UK at Two More Stores

motorola-milestoneYesterday we mentioned that the Motorola MILESTONE (DROID) was available SIM free in the UK on pre-order for a December 7 shipping date. Two more online stores in the UK now have the MILESTONE available for pre-order.

The two stores are eXpansys and Clove who have put the MILESTONE on sale (pre-order) costing £449.99 inv VAT and £424.35 inc VAT respectively. SuperETrader who also have the phone ready for pre-order have it priced at £439.99. [Read more…]

Samsung Go Netbook $100 Cheaper with Times Reader 2.0 Subscription

top_samsung_trThe New York Times is offering $100 of the Samsung Go Netbook when you subscribe to it’s Times Reader 2.0 subscription service. The Times Reader 2.0 is a piece of software designed for computers and is powered by the Adobe Air software. The application makes reading news papers feel more like reading a paper rather than a website.

However, it’s not all as cool as it sounds as the subscription to the NYT Times Reader 2.0 software costs a hefty $179.40 for the year and you’ll also have to pay another $279.99 for the netbook it’s self (after the $100 discount)making it a total of $459.39 to get the netbook cheaper. What I’d recommend doing is just buying another netbook that runs cheaper than $459.39 and search around elsewhere to get the news for free. [Read more…]

Kingjim Pomera Note Taking Gadget

Pomera_DM20_1This gadget falls in to the category of crazy gadgets due to me not quite understanding why it’s really needed. The Kingjim Pomera is a note taking device that has a full sized keyboard along with a 5 inch VGA screen. What it does is allows you to take notes and send emails if connected to a mobile phone.

The strange thing is that if you need a mobile phone to connect it to, then why bother with the screen on the device… perhaps a bluetooth keyboard for your current smartphone with an application installed could achieve the same goal. That aside, it looks easy to type on and for basic notepad it appears to do it’s job well. [Read more…]

The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody in 1080p on Youtube

Muppets-1080p-youtubeGoogle [GOOG] just recently announced that their Youtube service would soon allow full HD video to be uploaded in 1080p. I’m not sure if The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody is the first video, but it certainly is one of the first to be uploaded in the higher 1080p resolution.

To get the video to play in FullHD, click on the video below which takes you to the Youtube site then click the HD button at the bottom left of the video and then select the 1080p option. [Read more…]

Rumor: HTC HD2 to get Windows Mobile 7 Update

voadafone-htc-hd2MSMobiles have received some information indicating that the HTC HD2 will be upgradable to Windows Mobile version 7 when launched. The source also mentioned that it will be an official update rather than a hacked together version.

There is nothing backing this information up at the moment, although it doesn’t particularly sound out of place as the HD2 I suspect meets all the requirements of that operating system.

According to MSMobiles, the information will not be officially announced until Microsoft officially announced the new operating system. [Read more…]

HP iPaq Glisten going to AT&T

HP-iPaq-Glisten-SmartphoneAT&T are about to launch the HP iPaq Glisten on to their network. The phone runs the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and has a 2.0 inch AMOLED screen along with a full QWERTY keyboard on the front of the device.

The display on the Glisten is touchscreen allowing for easy navigation around the menus on the phone. The phone it’s self was created with the professional in mind (whoever that is) and allows easy access to Microsoft Exchange and other features that a professional/business user needs while on the move. [Read more…]

LG Chocolate BL40 – Christmas Edition

LG-BL40-New-Chocolate-Christmas-Edition_01LG have introduced a new LG BL40 Chocolate phone called the Christmas Edition. The phone will be launched in South Korea on December 10. The picture above shows the phone has a unique design for the back cover. The design on the cover of the phone is not the only difference though.

From what we understand, the phone will get a better camera with an 8 megapixel sensor and autofocus vs the regular BL40 that has just a 5 megapixel sensor. [Read more…]

Kindle Software Update Version 2.3 Released

amazon-kindle-dxAmazon have released an update for the Amazon Kindle is said to increase battery life and provide the ability to read PDF documents as well as several other changes although it all depends which model you have to what new features and functions you get.

The new 2.3 Kindle update is designed for 2nd generation Kindles along with the Kindle DX. If you have a 1st generation device then you are stuck currently on version 1.2 of the software. [Read more…]

iPhone 3G S Coming soon to Tesco Mobile in UK

Tesco-iPhoneTesco (the supermarket) have announced that they will soon be selling the iPhone 3G S on their mobile phone network (which is actually O2’s network). Both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S will be made available in stores and online through Tesco Direct in the UK.

As of yet, no exact date has been mentioned although Tesco are gearing up by creating a page where you can register your interest.

The company is known for selling things for less, and hopefully this means a bit more competition in the UK will happen amongst the mobile phone networks. [Read more…]

Motorola MILESTONE Coming to UK December

motorola_milestone1According to SuperETrader, the Motorola MILESTONE (known as the DROID in the US) will be arriving on UK networks on December 7th.

Off network the phone will cost £439.99 including tax although if you wait to get it on contract that will probably reduced to next to zero.

The Motorola MILESTONE was a surprise when first mentioned in the US due to it running Android 2.0. The DROID was the first device to run this version of the operating system. The phone it’s self will have a 3.7 inch screen that is multitouch (capacitive) along with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The camera can capture images at 5 megapixels and an LED flash is also included on the phone. [Read more…]

Sega Mega Drive iPod Dock

megadrive-26Wired came across an old beat up Sega Mega Drive and decided to tear it down to see what was exactly inside. Not surprisingly there isn’t that much… just a circuit board with a few chips on and that’s about that. The picture shows the Japanese model if my memory serves me correctly. The Japanese model had the cartridge lock (a flimsy bit of plastic that just bent if a UK/US cartridge was put in) and had the reddish highlight around the power LED.

Interestingly enough, they decided to take the main board out and put a regular iPod dock inside. The iPod dock was taped up and fit quite well as there is tons of space inside the casing. [Read more…]

Office 2010 Professional Beta Hands-On

office_2010_splashIf you want to know what Office 2010 Professional will look like then Life Hacker have put together some details about the program.

Office 2010 isn’t a huge leap forwards from what Life Hacker mention although a lot more features are now built in that used to require installation of plugins on previous versions of Office. [Read more…]