Google Phone “Is a Certainty”

Google-PhoneRecently we mentioned that the Google Phone was being worked on and that perhaps, it is to have an early next year launch. A trusted source mentioned recently to Gizmodo that the Google Phone “is a certainty” along with a bit more information about what we can expect from a phone.

The Google Phone is not another phone that runs Android… it is actually a phone built (perhaps we should say branded) by Google [GOOG] that will apparently run a new “real” version of Android. The version of Android running on this new hardware will be different to what has previously been seen such as 2.0 on the Motorola DROID or the even more recent news of Android 2.1 running on the HTC Hero.

It seems like the new prototype versions of the Google Phone will be invading Google offices as early as this month for testing. Each phone will have a large LCD screen. The OS, although different to current Android builds has been confirmed by the source that it won’t actually be Chrome OS although the same Android OS running on the phone was also seen running on a laptop.

An interesting comment made to the source of the information was that “the current Android, the we all know and love, is not the “real” Android.” which makes you ask what is a real Android phone. When we recently mentioned the Google Phone a couple of weeks back we said that the Google Phone would be a device that is built exactly as Google say it should be built rather than a different manufacturer building it how they want. We are not sure what this means at the moment, but perhaps some features have been restricted by carriers or maybe even the way we interface with the phone. As Google like to always do, they will have a big launch… it will certainly have other phone makers watching closely.

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