HTC Hero Running Android 2.1 Screen Shots

Android-2-1Some screen shots were spotted showing the HTC Hero running a yet unlaunched Android 2.1 operating system. The phone is running Sense and screen shots of both portrait and landscape modes can be seen running.

Some speculation of why the screen is in landscape mode has been questions. Two possibilities are that Android 2.1 is heading to a new phone with a slide out keyboard. The second option is that accelerometers are just detecting the phone is being held landscape and has rotated the screen accordingly.

There isn’t really much else to be said about the images other than what looks to be a new Sync menu that gives you a few options for syncing data with your GMail account.

We will probably hear more in the next few weeks on these screen shots to see if Android 2.1 is really launching soon. If it is, I wouldn’t be too surprised considering how quick 2.0 launched on the Motorola DROID recently.

Via: HDBlog and Android Spin

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