Amazon Kindle is the Biggest Selling Item at Amazon

amazon-kindle-2Amazon announced today that the Amazon Kindle is Novembers best selling item at their online store. They are also not just talking about best selling item in the Electronics category either… they mean it was the best selling product across all categories.

Amazon mentioned in a press release that the Kindle was the most gifted and most wished for item along side being the number 1 selling product.

For Amazon this must be fantastic news. There are no actual numbers provided in the press release, but considering it’s the best selling item for November we can assume that a good amount of units were shifted. Sales will have been helped by a number of factors including the Christmas season as well as the launch of the new Kindle that can be shipped and used internationally.

It will be interesting to see what product hits the top of the sales chart for December. Who thinks the Kindle?

A quick run down of what the Kindle is and what it does… The Kindle is an eBook reader branded and sold by Amazon that allows you to carry many books around with you. Built in to the device is online connectivity that allows you to download eBooks while on the move as well as latest blog information and news papers. The Kindle uses an eInk screen that allows the device’s battery to last for a lot longer than devices running LCD screens. Full details can be found over at Amazon.

Via: Engadget

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