Google Chrome OS Ready for Testing Now

Chrome-OS-LoginJust yesterday Google [GOOG] officially unveiled their new operating system called Google Chome OS. Although not available for download just yet, and maybe not for another year, it is actually possible to have play with the OS now by running it on a virtual machine.

A couple of images from the source code have been compiled and are available with one ready on Bit Torrent for download and another over at Gdgt. Just as a precaution, just create a new GMail account if you want to test the OS out just in case (a slim chance) that any of the downloads have been tampered with.

To get the OS working you need to download and install VirtualBox which allows the virtual OS to run.

To get full instructions of how to install and configure VirtualBox to run Chrome OS, check out the post over at techcrunch that has all the technical details. Chrome OS is just over 300 Meg in size and you will need to assign some memory to VirtualBox, so make sure your laptop or computer has enough. Good luck and feel free to post any questions here if you get stuck.

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