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Nokia 6750 Going to Rogers Wireless

nokia6750Rogers Wireless announced yesterday that they will be bringing the Nokia 6750 on to their network. The Nokia 6750 is a mobile designed for those who want access to social networking on the go.

The Nokia 6750 is a flip phone covered in chrome with back lights that allow it to light up in a variety of colours such as blue, pink, orange, green, purple and red. When closed, the phone has an external display that shows the current time and other information such as missed calls and messages. [Read more…]

Apple’s One-Day Shopping Event

perfect-giftsIf you are looking for a good deal on Apple products then head on over to the Apple US and UK online stores who have a number of discounts available for today only as part of black Friday.

Savings include discounts of $101 on various Macbooks and iMac products as well as savings on a number of iPod’s, software, time capsule etc… [Read more…]

Google Chrome OS seen on ASUS Eee T91 MT Netbook

Google-Chrome-OS-ASUS-T91-MTA user has managed to get Google Chrome OS running on his ASUS Eee T91 MT netbook tablet. We assume he has used the USB install option to get it running.

The video below is fairly self explanatory. You can see various websites being loaded on the OS along with the touchscreen features being utilised. There is one thing to point out though in that the calibration is obviously not set right, but does work to a certain extent. [Read more…]

Black Friday Deals at Amazon

BlackFriday-AmazonAs well as having some great deals on, Amazon also have some fantastic deals too.

Just like have, also have a ton of deals in electronics, netbooks, games, toys etc… with savings going up to 60% or more in some cases. [Read more…] Holiday Deals

ThanksgivingIf you are looking for a good deal this holiday season then might have some good offers for you.

Discounts can be found on a number of products including netbooks, Digital Cameras, Toys and anything else you can think of. The main holiday page can be found here which lists all the discounts and categories that currently exist at the moment. [Read more…]

Nokia X6 Now Shipping in UK

nokia-X6We hear today that those who have pre-ordered a Nokia X6 will be getting them very soon as they have started to ship.

The Nokia X6 is a series 60 phone that has 32GB of storage along with a 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen. On the back of the phone is a 5 megapixel camera along with a dual-LED flash. [Read more…]

iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock

ixp3_internet_messaging_clock_ondeskThe iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock is a gadget you can put on your office desk. It features a swinging arm that has red LED’s on it. When waved back and forth fast, it gives the illusion of floating text in the air which is used to display messages.

A port in the back allows you to connect it to a router. The port is a standard RJ45 socket that allows Ethernet to be run direct from the router to the clock and make it internet connected.

Once connected to your router you simply register the device online and messages sent to the service are displayed floating in mid air on the clock. [Read more…]

Buffalo Announce a USB 3.0 12X Blu-Ray Burner

Buffalo have just announced that they are launching a 12x Blu-Ray burner that also has USB 3.0 connectivity. The burner is called the BR-X1216U3 and does support USB 2.0 for those who haven’t upgraded their motherboards or controllers to support USB 3.0. However, when using the slower 2.0 transfer speeds you are restricted to a 7x burn for Blu-Ray discs.

Currently the Buffalo 12x burner is only compatible with Windows based machines (XP/Vista or 7). [Read more…]

Tamrac ZipShot Tripod

zipshotThe ZipShot is a fold up tripod that can collapse to just 15 inches. To get that small it uses tent style poles that push together to build up the tripod and pull apart to fold up and collapse the tripod for storage. When opened up the tripod stands 44 inches tall and takes just seconds to open up.

According to the technical specs, the ZipShot is capable of carrying a digital SLR camera that weighs up to 3lbs. [Read more…]

Compaq CQ61 hits Orange UK

Compaq-cq61As well as introducing the ASUS Eee 1005HGO netbook on to their network, Orange also are offering the Compaq CQ61 notebook along with a dongle for mobile web browsing.

The Compaq CQ61 notebook is available with a number of data plans ranging from 18 to 24 months. However, unlike the Asus 1005HGO, most plans need you to pay a fee up front to get this notebook. Prices start at £29.36 on a 1GB 18 month contract, but you will need to pay £130 for the notebook. If you pay about £35/month on a 24 month contract then you can get the notebook for free. Pricing details here. [Read more…]

ASUS EEE 1005HGO with Embedded SIM hits Orange UK

ASUS-EEE-1005HGOOrange have announced that it will be shipping the ASUS Eee 1005HGO netbook along with an embedded SIM card for on the move broadband access. The netbook will come with the Windows 7 operating system installed.

The ASUS EEE 1005HGO weighs 1.27KG, has a 10.1 inch screen and will run the Windows 7 Starter operating system.

The netbook is available on both 18 and 24 month contracts with prices ranging from £29.36 (1GB plan) through £40 / month. Data included with the price plans varies from 1GB to 3GB and up to 5GB. Note that the cheapest 18 month contract requires a £50 payment for the netbook. Other plans offer the netbook for free. Full pricing details can be found here. [Read more…]

Nokia N900 Shipping in the US – Delayed in UK

nokia-n900-maemo-smartphoneNokia are now shipping the Nokia N900 running Maemo 5 in the US.

The phone actually started shipping yesterday which was a week after the initial press release mentioned.

The N900 has 32GB of on-board storage and runs a Cortex-A8 processor. The phone will set you back a hefty $649 unlocked although expect it will significantly lower when networks start have the smartphone for sale. [Read more…]