Google Phone Coming Soon

htc-snapdragonTechCrunch are reporting that a new HTC phone running Android is just around the corner. Described as the next “super” Android Device, it is expected that HTC are to be the ones who will build the phone. Also TC mention that senior Android guys over at Google have now started carrying one of the HTC phones around for testing.

It is expected that the Dragon/Passion will be a super slim phone running Android… but TC also mention something else interesting in that there will actually be a real Google phone, branded by Google. Although not much is known about this Google branded phone, TC managed to find out that they are definitely working on a phone under their own brand.

It is expected and kind of obvious that Google won’t be building the hardware for this phone themselves, but instead will be passing that task on to another company… but when launched there will be no mention of other companies as the phone will be built for Google rather than be another brand running Android with the google name (if that makes sense).

The phone is expected to appear early 2010 just after Christmas and when launched will show us exactly how google expect a phone to be. Google apparently are dictating to the manufacturer exactly what to build.

Other related information (which can be viewed as probably true) is that either LG or Samsung are to work on the hardware side of things with the phone being created by a company over in Korea.

It seems that with Google launching their own Google Phone that it will get a heck of a lot of press coverage. Lets give it a few more weeks to see what official information starts being made available. Via: TechCrunch

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