LaCie LaCinema 1080p Home Media Centre Server

lacie-lacinema-classic-hd-1080p-home-media-server-with-remoteLaCie have launched the LaCinema Classic HD Media Centre Server that allows full HD playback at 1080p. For sound, the device is capable of Dolby Digital to bring you quite an impressive media centre setup.

The LaCinema device can be connected up to your network, or direct to your PC allowing you to transfer files both ways. The system works with a drag and drop interface. By dropping your media on to the device you can then view it on a HDTV.

Due to the networking capabilities the LaCinema is capable of streaming content to a number of devices such as your laptop, PC, XBox, PS3 and anything else that can be connected to it.

For storage the LaCinema has a 1TB drove allowing it to store a good number of video and music files and for the average user, that amount of storage should be plenty.

The media centre server costs £150 making it a decent price.

Via: Zath

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