The Crunch Pad is Dead

crunch-pad-finalOver the last year we have heard a number of details about the Crunch Pad that showed a 12 inch tablet device designed to browse the web only while sitting on the couch.

A couple of weeks ago, TechCrunch were about to launch previews of the Crunch Pad running both Windows 7 and Chrome OS to show how it could be used and how easily it integrated with other operating systems. The other part of the team then pulled out and basically is selling the Crunch Pad under it’s own name.

It’s a weird twist to the end of a project that seemed ages in the making. Rather than go over all the details posted by Arrington on TechCrunch, I’ll let you head on over there now for the full details of what is happening and what basically kicked TechCrunch out of their Crunch Pad idea. Of course there are two sides to every story, so it will be interesting to see how it all works out in the end and if Fusion Garage (the other guys) are going to go ahead and sell.



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