Dell Mini 10 Gets Chrome OS

dell-chrome-osDell have managed to create a Google Chrome OS image for booting a Dell Mini 10 from USB in to the new operating system. Before reading on for the details, note that this was just created recently, hasn’t had much testing and is unsupported by Dell.

The new operating system hasn’t been officially launched yet, but already has a number of people going through the source code to create versions that run virtualised on VMWare and other software along with a USB install over at Engadget just last week.

The version from Dell can be downloaded (8GB memory stick needed) and does function with Wi-Fi or wired connections. A couple of problems with this version is that wireless takes from 5 – 10 minutes to actually start working, although it does work.

When running Chrome OS from a USB key rather than a virtualised version running in VMWare, it runs far better and gives insight in to how the OS could function next year when launched. The OS it’s self is far from being finished and there isn’t much support out there yet, but it is functional now with the right hardware. If you have a Mini 10 and a spare 8GB USB Flash drive then check out Dell’s community blog for full instructions on how to install the Chrome OS.

Via: Geeky Gadgets and Slippery Brick

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